5 Tips on How to Reopen & Implement New Guidelines in Your Gym

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Due to the ongoing pandemic, things are quite different when it comes to running a commercial gym. No matter how guidelines evolve after reopening gyms, it’s vital to ensure a healthy and safe environment for your members and staff. Reopening your gym should offer your members great fitness benefits and a much-needed distraction from the pandemic. However, the execution can be a bit tricky. This is where Fitness World comes in.

Let us look at five tips on reopening and implementing new guidelines in your gym.

Tip 1: Ensure Social Distancing in the Gym
As your gym reopens, the most important thing to ensure is social distancing. There should be atleast 6 feet between members. You can also consider using plastic folding screens or plexiglass dividing glass.

You can also use barrier tapes or stickers to prevent your members from using out-of-order fitness equipment or machines that have not been sanitized. It is also advisable to shut down showers and locker rooms as it’s difficult to check and maintain sanitation measures.

Tip 2: Rethink Your Equipment Layout
If you can expand your gym floor space temporarily, it will be a great solution for social distancing and having more customers. Also, look for any unused spaces in the gym. You can easily create a workout space. If you have more than one studio area or a space that was earlier used for Zumba, you can move your cardio equipment to that room and create extra space in your gym.

Tip 3: Designate New Traffic Patterns
You should have one-way traffic lanes in your gym to reduce the risk of crowding. This will control the flow of movement in one direction. You can achieve this by using stop and arrow signs. The idea is to be clear when creating one-way paths and routing. If possible, you can also create a separate exit and entrance. This makes it possible to regulate member capacity and oversee your fitness facility.

Tip 4: Communicate with Members
The only way to manage a safe reopening of your commercial gym is communication, preparation, and cooperation for your members and staff. You must clearly communicate that members and staff are responsible for their health and others. You should also inform your members about rules changes and guidelines in advance.

Tip 5: Set Up a Booking System
It’s likely that there will be limits on the member capacity during the initial months of reopening. Be prepared and have a seamless system to manage your members. You can do this by implementing digital booking tools. For the first few months, start by having only limited bookings per member per week. This will ensure there is no overcrowding and every member gets an equal opportunity to work out.

We hope you have gained some valuable insights from this blog. When it comes to reopening and implementing new guidelines that are many things to consider. However, with planning and thoughtful execution, you can build a welcoming and safe environment for your gym members. If you need help with Gym Setup or Gym Flooring services, feel free to connect with Fitness World today. Our experts will guide you through every step of the way!