5 Physiologist-Confirmed Signs to Identify An Excellent Workout

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The signs you may think to convey a certain workout done well are not always such great indicators. If we talk about sweat, the amount of fluid you lose while working out is incredibly subjective.

Since your body adjusts according to the workload, soreness isn’t a great method of knowing the efficacy of a workout either. And the same goes for the urge to empty that cold bottle of water.

Below is the list, where exercise physiologists underline the guaranteed signals that show that your workout was a good one:

1)     Difficulty in Holding a Conversation

The talk test is a reliable way to find out if your workout is working well. Having a tough time conversing mid-workout is another indicator. Also, tending to reply in just a word or two instead of whole sentences tells you that you’re doing it right.

2)     Exertion in Finishing the Last Rep

There may be times when you slow down between the final steps of weight, even when you are trying hard but put a break on it over the remaining minutes. Like those last couple of push-ups that seem never ending! These are signs of muscle fatigue and a good workout.

3)     Feeling Mentally Refreshed

The feeling that you pushed yourself post-workout should be there, but not to the level that you feel exhausted. A good workout will leave you feeling like you still have energy left, even when you are physically tired. You psychologically feel jazzed-up and ready to do more. That’s when you know, you have nailed your workout session!

4)     Swollen Muscles

Post an exhausting training session, the body pumps excess blood to the muscles involved in the rigorous workout in order to provide nutrients and oxygen. It also helps in washing out the metabolic byproducts and toxins. This makes the muscles temporarily swell and become larger. This is another sign that your workout was a success!

5)     Deep Slumber

Following a hard day in the gym, you should expect solid undisrupted sleep. It means that waking up mid-sleep pattern is either going to lessen up or completely stop. This is because of the cytokines and hormones released during your workout. Due to their interaction with the neurotransmitters inside your brain, your sleep is modulated.

Can you relate to all or most of the points above? Congratulations, on doing such a great job! But if you think you have not reached the level of a good workout, do not stop and do not give up! Your body is what you make of it, so do the best for it.

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