5 Maintenance Tips Every In-home Gym Owner Should Follow

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In today’s busy world, many of us prefer to exercise in our own homes. However, owning fitness equipment comes with its own share of responsibilities –maintenance being one of prime importance. A well-maintained home gym leads to efficient and safe work-outs while preventing additional expenses on replacement or repair of key components, or worse yet, the entire machine.

Here are 5 tips that you can follow to ensure smooth work-outs every morning (or night, if that’s your thing):

  1. Prevention is Better than Cure

Wear-and-tear is natural for the fitness machines you work out on, however, it is your job to ensure that all parts of the equipment are spic-and-span. If a part of the machine is loose, it may come off while you’re exercising and cause serious injuries. Check for loose screws, nuts and bolts twice a month and tighten them using a repair kit.

  1. Cleanliness is Godliness

The last thing you’d want is your equipment to catch rust. Since your gym equipment is bound to get dirty due to dust and sweat, you should clean them regularly. Investing in a good antiseptic spray or cleaner is also a smart idea. However, make sure that the cleaning solution or spray you use don’t contain alcohol or bleaching agents as it may corrode the seat pads and rubber parts.

  1. Periodic Lubrication

While using machines like treadmills and bikes, some parts rub against each other resulting in metal parts being scratched. Lubricating your equipment at least once a month will make sure your equipment runs smoothly and offers consistent performance over the years.

  1. Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Your equipment will come with a user manual provided by the manufacturer which will include procedures and recommendations for maintenance. In case you lost or didn’t receive your copy, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and download or view a digital copy.

  1. Use Genuine Parts Only

If your gym equipment is beyond repair and a replacement is needed, make sure you purchase manufacturer recommended parts only. While this may be expensive, these parts come with a warranty and are especially designed to work with your equipment, avoiding further complications.

These 5 simple tips, if observed correctly, will keep your gym equipment in good shape and ensure smooth functioning for years to come.