5 Essential Ab Equipment For The Home Or Gym

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Everybody needs the perfect abs!

What is the secret to losing tummy fat and gaining awesome abs? The answer is simple – a lot of exercising! But most people get bored after doing crunches day in and day out. They begin to seek variety. This variety can be found in the ab equipment featured in this list.

Go through this list of equipment and make a choice based on your likely comfort levels:

1. AB Wheel

Ab Wheels are pretty simple to work with! They offer a convenient action that stretches the abdominal muscles with ease. Even though Ab Wheels are compact, you need space to stretch your entire body while using them. Ab wheels are great additions to the home or gym. Apart from abs, it can be used to strengthen back, chest and shoulder muscles.

2. Roman Chair

A Roman Chair is primarily used to strengthen the back. Over the years, it has become hugely popular as equipment to strengthen core muscles. Use it as an ab bench to perform your choice of exercises.

3. Stability or Exercise Ball

You are probably not aware that stability balls can help you strengthen core muscles. Check online for exercises or ask the instructor at your gym – you will realize that a stability / Exercise ball is a fun tool to exercise with!

4. Pull Up Bar

There are a wide range of exercises that can be done using pull up bars, including ones that focus on abs. Check online videos to gain expertise on using bars. They may look simple to use but need a good deal of resilience from your side to perform on a regular basis.

5. Jump Rope

Did you know that abs are one of the muscle groups jump ropes help strengthen? There are specific jump rope exercises targeted at the abs. All you have to do is search for videos that show you these exercises. Jump ropes are inexpensive and the easiest to acquire and use from this list.

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