5 Benefits of Elliptical Machines

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Fitness enthusiasts all over the world have realized the importance of Elliptical Machines. They are turning towards them in the pursuit of healthier and firmer bodies!

Have you ever used an Elliptical Machine before? How was your experience – were you able to meet your fitness goals? This article takes a look at the benefits offered by these machines:

1) Enjoy a complete body workout: Ellipticals provide a fabulous workout for the lower body. A combination of the stair climber and treadmill, the elliptical offers benefits of both in one machine.

Many elliptical machines feature moving handles. This will allow you to increase the intensity of your workout by engaging your upper body as well. Along with the triceps, biceps, chest and back, your abs too will get a workout.

2) Save Time: More Calories Burnt In A Short Period Of Time!: An elliptical machine helps you burn more calories in a relatively shorter period of time. The aggressive workouts will ensure you release buckets of sweat while toning your body.

3) Less Impact on joints: Ellipticals are low-impact equipment. The motion created by using these machines doesn’t affect the knees, ankles or hips. It’s a complete, almost circular motion.

However, we still recommend people with knee or muscular ailments consult a medical expert before using these machines.

4) Make full use of space efficiency!: Most ellipticals are smaller than treadmills and easier to clean or move. If you have less space, the elliptical trainer is a great way to save on space while getting the perfect workout at the same time.

5) Enjoy exercising in Reverse Motion!: Do you know that you can work in reversible motion on an elliptical trainer? By backpedalling the pedals, you can actually use the machine in reverse order! This sequence will engage different muscle groups such as quads instead of hamstrings. Sculpt your legs or just make sure that your body is engaged in a serious top to bottom workout.

These are some of the benefits offered by elliptical machine. They are perfect for those who desire a complete body workout without compromising on space or time. We hope these benefits encourage you to pick ellipticals for your fitness facility or gym.