4 Useful Tips for Buying Equipment for Your Commercial Gym

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Confused about how to go about buying equipment for your fitness centre?
Whether you are setting up a new gym or renovating an existing one, new gym equipment can decide the future of your business. The right equipment for your gym depends on the available space, the amount of maintenance and many such financial factors. There are various techniques and tactics which can help you cut the cost, save time, and take the correct decision.
Below are a few of ways for you to buy the best gym equipment:

1) Calculate Your Ground Space

The most important factor to keep in mind is the amount of ground space you have to accommodate your equipment. Setting up a gym requires a lot of planning. You will also need a separate non-exercise area in your gym. This is why it is important to calculate the available floor area for machines and equipment before making a purchase..
According to the Fitness and Exercise Spaces guide by www.sportengland.org, fitness centres use around 60% of space for cardio machines, cable machines, weights, and other similar equipment. The remaining 40% floor is used for the reception desks, lockers, shower rooms, and other non-exercise areas.
This means that the total area you have on papers cannot be calculated to accommodate your gym equipment. Only after a proper calculation and a fair idea of the floor, you can plan on starting your equipment shopping.

2) List out the Essential Equipment

Making a list of the essential equipment before buying all the items at once will help you keep your budget in control. Your list of essential equipment will differ from another gym as there are many factors that need to be considered.
If your target is the average gym-goer, then you need to make sure that you list down all the important cardio machines, weight racks, resistance machines, dumbbells and other such items. If your target is bodybuilders, list down the equipment like crossfit bodybuilding that your audience will go for.
You also need to specify the quantity of each equipment. You may require just one unit of a specific item like a power rack and several sets of other items like dumbbells.

3) Create a Floor Plan

You will need to create a floor plan for your gym that features the equipment, reception desk, exercise area, changing rooms, waiting area, and more. Buying the gym equipment without planning the layout can be a big mistake. An ideal fitness centre should not only have the best equipment, but should also be well-organized.
While planning the floor plan, you can group similar purpose machines together. This makes it easier for people to plan their workout with ease. Each zone needs to have a clear pathway for the people to move around. The floor should be designed for efficient use with minimum obstacles. This leaves a positive impact on your customers.

4) Avoid Low-quality Equipment

A commercial fitness centre cannot use the same equipment used in a home gym. Commercial gym equipment is designed with the demands of the customers in mind. Also, the fact that this equipment will be used on a more frequent basis by hundreds of people every day, it needs to be of high quality.
While buying cut-price gym equipment may save you money in the short term, high-quality equipment can be beneficial for you over the long term. Investing slightly more money in gym equipment can make a major difference when it comes to repairs and maintenance.
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