Enjoy A 360-Degree Workout with TRUE Traverse Cardio Machine

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True fitness has introduced a new fitness equipment for performing a 360-degree workout. This machine allows users to perform a variety of workouts within the comforts of their homes. It provides a comprehensive workout side-to-side motion. The TRUE Traverse Cardio Machine helps in sculpting the core and lower body muscles. It comes with unique programming features, like the Skate and Ski workout, allowing users to activate more muscle groups than other cardio machines.

The TRUE Traverse machine contains a digital contact heart rate monitoring system and a Polar® wireless telemetry system that help users in maintaining their optimum heart rate and improving workout results. This fitness equipment also provides console options such as TRUE EMERGE and True ESCALATE9.

The TRUE EMERGE™ console comes with the following features:

  1. Orange LED screen
  2. Easy-to-read instructions
  3. 10 preset workout programs including Cardio 360
  4. Wireless heart rate monitoring
  5. Equipped with a reading/accessory rack for your tablet, magazine or book
  6. Self-generated power (bikes & ellipticals only)

The True ESCALATE9 console includes the following features:

  1. iPod connectivity
  2. 22 preset workout programs and 4 saved workouts
  3. Over molded reading rack and tablet holder
  4. Wireless heart rate monitoring
  5. USB port for workout summary exports
  6. Self-generated power (bikes & ellipticals only)

The TRUE Traverse is manufactured with the same high quality and craftsmanship that TRUE is known for in the fitness industry. If you wish to change your workout experience, this equipment is worth buying. For enquiries click https://www.fitness-world.in/true-fitness/