3 Exercises to Lose Double Chin and Chubby Cheeks

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Have you recently spotted double chins and chubby cheeks on your selfie-pouts? Double chin and chubby cheeks occur when the skin’s collagen content decreases with aging. Factors such as lack of sleep, stress, and smoking can also lead to this condition.

You do not have to necessarily go under the knife for getting rid of double chin and chubby cheeks. With simple exercises, one can get rid of the excess fat from facial muscles. Here are 3 exercises for losing double chin and chubby cheeks:

  1. Chin Lift Exercise

This exercise helps in working and stretching most of the facial muscles including the jaw, throat, and neck. It can be performed while you are sitting or standing.

Look up to the ceiling with your lips tightly hold (as if you are trying to kiss the ceiling) Hold this position for 5 seconds and relax. Repeat the exercise for 10 to 20 times at a stretch.

  1. Lip Pull Exercise

Lip pull is an effective form of facial exercise, which can make you look young with a sharp jawline and high cheekbones. Start with a standing or sitting position with your head kept in the normal position. Now, lift your lower lip up as much as you can by pushing the lower jaw out. You will feel the stretch in your chin muscles and jaw line. Stay in this posture for 10 to 15 seconds and relax. Perform this lip pull exercise for 10 to 15 times at a stretch.

  1. Tongue Press Exercise

Tongue Press is a great form of exercise, which helps in losing double chins and chubby cheeks at the same time.  Sit straight and tilt your head back while facing the ceiling. Press your tongue against the roof of the mouth. When you do that, move your face down to the chest. Make sure that your upper back is not rounded, while moving the chin down. There will be a contracting sensation in the neck. Now relax and get back to your initial position. Repeat this exercise 20 times to complete one set and perform two such sets.

If you perform the above-mentioned exercises without fail, you can see a major difference on your face within a few weeks.