11 Tips To Ensure Gym Members Like Your Facility

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A gym should be properly maintained to attract and retain members on a regular basis. This is a task that’s easier said than done! A lot of gym owners find it difficult to keep their gyms clean for the next day – this is a big turn-off for members!

This article will provide you with a list of tips to make a good impression on your clients while ensuring smooth functioning of your facility. Follow these simple tips to stay ahead of competition:

1. Ensure all equipment is serviced at regular intervals so that they perform at optimum levels.

2. Ensure the floors of your gym are immaculately clean all through the day. Have a couple of employees mop the floors and bathrooms to ensure there are no stains. This will keep your gym bacteria and infection free.

3. Ensure sanitizers are readily available for members during and after their workouts.

4. Ensure clean drinking water is available at all times.

5. Ensure clean towels are supplied to members throughout the day.

6. Ensure good music is played to motivate members while they exercise.

7. Ensure your gym is fully stocked with medicines. This will help treat members during emergencies.

8. Ensure a trained physiotherapist or doctor is available to take care of niggles that may arise during workouts.

9. Ensure you don’t have too many people working out at the same time. The workout area should provide members with the freedom to move their limbs freely.

10. Ensure the workout area is well lit and ventilated.

11. Ensure you maintain a register for your clients’ attendance. Follow up with a client who doesn’t come for his workout for more than 3 consecutive days.

Follow these simple tips and you will become the proud owner of a successful gym!

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