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Vibro Machine

Vibro Machine

Technical Specifications

  • Vibration Type: Oscillation Vibration
  • Usage: Fitness Vibration Exercise
  • Speeds: 17 Vibration Settings
  • Dual display for multiple workouts : Yes
  • Stripes for the upper body workout : Yes
  • Hand stripes adjustable at any comfort level : Yes
  • Antislip Vibration Plate : Yes
  • Programs: 5
  • Amplitude: 1 TO 10mm
  • Assembled Size: 22″ D X 32″ W X 48″ H
  • Plate Dimensions: 22″ X 14″
  • Display Type : LED DOT MATRIX ( Dual Display)
  • Attachments : Adjustable straps for balancing during workout
  • Floor Levellers & antislip vibrating platform : Yes
  • Frequency: 1-30Hz Plate Vibration

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The vibro machine featured here is recommended by fitness experts for most age groups. It helps you lose unwanted pounds and increase bone density. Vibration has been known to treat lower back pain too.

It is a well-known fact that vibration therapy can cause a swift downfall in blood sugar levels. However, severe diabetics must use the vibration machine after consulting their physician.

The Vibro machine also causes recurring expansion and contractions of the muscles, which increase blood circulation.

 This Vibration Exercise Machine In India  by Fitness World is the best of its kind. A regular workout time on this machine is considerably much lesser than what you would spend in a gym. It is recommended to perform 15 to 30 minute of vibration training session to achieve the best results.


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