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Spiner BMX

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Spiner BMX

Technical Specifications

    • Drive System: Manual
    • Fitness Class: Quasi-Professional
    • Flywheel: 18 kg Metal wheel, Two-way bearing, dynamic silent chain transmission, Rim Weight Design
    • Crank: 2 piece, 17 mm length, Heavy duty, More durable
    •  Seat: Commercial class, Softer and bigger
    • Pedals: Commercial class strap pedals, Stronger and more durable
    • Additional Features : Levelling Knobs , Castor wheels, Emergency stop lever

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Indoor cycling is fast catching up as an effective way to lose weight. But do you know that it has other benefits too? Yes, indoor cycling is an effective way to tone your body and get in shape as well!

An excellent way to burn fat, the Spiner BMX Exercise Cycle has the potential to assist you in burning up to 600 calories in a 45 –minute session! This is quite significant given that the majority of fat burning process occurs when a person’s heart rate is nearly 65 to 75% of the maximum capacity. You will also notice an improvement in your body alignment and posture.

It utilizes the body’s largest muscle groups and improves blood flow to each of them. It also helps tone your calf muscles and strengthen the tendons. In short, indoor cycling also increases your leg strength.

Spinning bikes also engages the stabilizer muscles  found in  trunk, hips and shoulders. To make most of these benefits make sure you exercise on a Spiner BMX Exercise Cycle.


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