5 Gym Machines Every Woman Should Use

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We can understand that everything about the machines and heavy equipment at the gym can look intimidating. But these machines along with cardio can provide resistance training which is necessary for women who wish to achieve their optimal shape.

Many women avoid lifting weights or using machines due to the fear of bulking. However, this is a misconception.Since women have 10-30 times lower testosterone than men, instead of bulking, strength training leads to an increase in strength and helps in developing muscle definition.

Here are five gym machines that every woman should use:

1. Smith Machine

The smith machine is the perfect alternative to free weights and barbells for beginners. This machine has a vertical bar fixed within steel rails. You can use either use just the bar or attach weights to do different exercises like chin-ups, deadlifts, squats, shoulder presses and more.

2. Water Rower

A water roweris an excellent machine for strength training as it provides a total-body workout. Water rowers provide a smooth and self-regulated machine that helps you burn calories while engaging every major muscle group in your body. It’s a great option for women who suffer from postural issues.



3. Assisted Pull-Up Machine

The assisted pull-up machine makes it possible for anyone to do pull-ups! It offsets your weight depending on the counterbalance weight. As you grow stronger, you can increase the weight you pull by decreasing the counterbalance weights until you’re able to do a pull-up all on your own. This machine works on your shoulders, upperback, abs, and biceps.

4. Seated Leg Press

The seated leg press machine takes care of your leg days as it can tone your entire lower body at once. It works on your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. What’s more, women are at risk for osteopenia and osteoporosis, and to fight off these risks, resistance training is required. Doing hack squats on the seated leg press machine is a good                                                                                                       way to do resistance training.


5. Cable Crossover Machine

The cable crossover machine is probably the most versatile piece of equipment you’ll find at a gym. You can use this machine to work any muscle group you’d like. Moreover, the cable crossover machine works like free weights, allowing you to perform different exercises. And the best part is that it’s extremely easy to use with little to no effort required during set up.

We hope that this article will help you tackle some of the above-mentioned machines. If you are unsure about how to use them, you can always ask your gym trainer for assistance. If you’re looking to buy fitness equipment for your home or commercial gym, Fitness World offers a wide range of products you can choose from.