Why Fitness World- CrossFit [FW-7518] is Perfect for Your Gym?

Why Fitness World- CrossFit [FW-7518] is Perfect for Your Gym?

CrossFit machines have been riding high on popularity for the past few years now. This popularity has been spurred by the fact that these machines offer an entire body workout that cannot be matched by other means. What’s more, a typical CrossFit turns a section of your fitness facility into a multi-purpose, customizable functional area. A CrossFit offers the best aspects of functional movements like – running, rowing, weight lifting, gymnastics and more.  They provide maximum workout to the body in the shortest time raising your metabolism by ample amounts leading to dramatic gains in fitness. So, if you have been looking to outfit your gym with a Crossfit, Fitness World- Crossfit [FW-7518] would be the perfect pick for your […]

Walking Vs Stair Climbing: Which is a Better Workout?

We all know that taking some time out to focus on your body and health regularly is not an easy job. That’s why we want to make the most of the time spent on our fitness and do only the most effective forms of exercises. So, if your daily workout comes from brisk walking, why not use that time to climb stairs instead? While walking is good for your health, you can reap greater benefits in the same duration with stair climbing. Here are some reasons why you should consider the switch: 1. Higher Calorie Burn The basic difference between exercises like walking (or running) and stair climbing is the way the body moves. When you run or walk, your […]

How Often Should You Do Full-Body Workouts?

A full-body workout helps you train every major muscle group in your body. It involves movements that target your chest, abs, arms, hamstrings, and back. Most full-body workout plans will include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and other exercises that involve the entire body. These workouts are extremely popular among beginners as well as those who prefer comprehensive workouts over targeted ones. Moreover, it is the most practical way to get some exercise, especially when you can’t make it to the gym every day. Most workouts focus on different body parts on different days. A full-body workout, on the other hand, targets most of the muscle groups in the body at the same time. As a result, your body needs time […]

Why Spin Bike Workouts are all the Cardio You’ll Ever Need

Indoor cycling is one of the most versatile workouts that exist. It is an energetic cardio exercise routine without the high impact associated with running. Spin bikes deliver incredible health results including increased lung capacity, endurance, and heart health. They also burn a lot of calories while strengthening your core. Over time, you will see a significant reduction in your body fat and BMI while developing highly toned hamstrings, calves, glutes, and quads! If you need any more convincing, here are some reasons why indoor cycling is all the cardio you’ll ever need: 1.      Heavy Calorie Burn If you’re looking for a workout to shed the extra kilos, then a spin bike is one of the best machines for you. […]

Is Your Fitness Center Layout Inspiring Enough?

There’s no doubt that outfitting your fitness facility with the right fitness equipment is of extreme importance. However, if your gym layout is far from inspiring and doesn’t motivate your members, then retaining them on a long-term basis would be a difficult job! What’s more, prospective members usually take a tour of fitness facilities to check out the exerciser experience before joining a gym. So, if you are considering a layout for your gym, member experience should always be at the forefront!  Featured below are a few things you need to consider when planning a gym layout: Have separate training areas: Have a dedicated fitness training unit for cardio, functional training, aerobic etc. Be creative with walkways, flooring, colors and […]

Get A Quick and Effective Total Body Workout with The Fitness World Salvino Elliptical!

Elliptical Cross Trainer is a probably the most sought-after fitness equipment in any gym. It is termed as the powerhouse among the cardio equipment as it works on a large amount of muscles. An elliptical trainer is designed to move the way you move and accelerate weight loss! So, if you are thinking of getting an elliptical trainer to work out at the comfort of your home, you should go ahead and buy it. Not just because it allows for total body workout but also for the reason that it provides effective cardiovascular and strength training workouts. Before buying an elliptical trainer, you should consider its – ramp height, resistance levels, stride speed, foot pedals and your budget. But now […]

This Father’s Day Give Your Dad the Gift of Health!

Okay, so your dad is fit, healthy and can walk a few miles without panting, huh? Not really? It’s time you intervene. With Father’s Day coming up, what better time to ask your dad to get going and be fit. Here we present a few Father’s Day gift ideas that will pave the way towards leading a fit and healthy life for your father. Check out: Treadmill: A treadmill will be just what your dad needs for a quick workout at home. Treadmills likeFitness World Kenzo Motorized Treadmill or Mario Motorized Treadmill comes with a variety of programs that allow users to customize their workout to fit their skill level. What’s more, outdoor walking or running is not feasible every […]

Why You Aren’t Losing Weight: Little Habits That Sabotage Progress

The concept of weight loss seems fairly simple – “eat less and move more”. You want to drop the extra kilos and are diligently following a diet and an exercise plan. Yet, you see poor results even after weeks of following a routine. The problem with weight loss is that it can be tricky. There are many things that you do – some not even directly related to weight loss – that can hamper your results. So, if you don’t see results, you may ponder over why you’re not losing weight and if there’s something you’re doing wrong. To help you identify them, here’s a list of habits that might be sabotaging your weight loss plan: 1. You Don’t Consume […]

Fasting & Fitness: How to Stay Fit & Healthy During Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of abstinence and sacrifice. You spend 30 days without food and water from the wee hours of mornings to late evenings. This can make your workout regimen and diet go rather haywire. Since nutrition is a big part of any fitness plan, it becomes crucial to watch what you eat and when you eat during Ramadan. One of the biggest concerns for gym-goers who fast is losing too much muscle mass. And for those following a diet, gaining extra kilos due to unhealthy eating practices. But, by being mindful of your health, you can avoid both these phenomena. Here are some tips to keep yourself fit during the holy month: 1.      Don’t Stop Exercising When you’re […]

Why is CrossFit Training Considered as The Best of All Fitness Programs?

CrossFit training station is always the center of attention of any commercial fitness facility.  It incorporates different forms of exercise accessories that help enhance body power, endurance, and overall performance. No wonder why CrossFit training forms an integral part of workout regimen for athletes, firefighters, policemen, military personnel etc. Here are some more reasons why CrossFit training is considered as the best of all fitness programs: For efficient weight-loss Since CrossFit exercises involve working out hard for short periods of time, it helps burn calories faster. For instance, exercisers need to complete as many as rounds of a specific training in a span of 15 or 20 minutes. At the end of the workout, exercisers will have burned more calories […]


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