What Is the Best Time to Work Out?

What Is the Best Time to Work Out?

If you often find yourself wondering whether working out in the morning would be beneficial or in the evening, then you are not alone! Fitness enthusiasts, researchers and those who have started working out recently have been trying to figure out the optimal time for working out.   This blog takes a look at pros and cons of working out at different times of the day. Read on: Morning Workouts:  Pros: Most people prefer working out in the morning due to a variety of reasons – It helps to maintain a regular habit of being physically active. It’s also that time of the day when unexpected things don’t crop up like – phone calls, door bells, people skipping in etc. Running […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Fitness Tracker

One of the biggest emerging trends in the fitness industry is the rise of fitness trackers. They are brilliant tools for fitness enthusiast and athletes to measure their progress and stay motivated. You can use them to work towards any goal from training for a marathon to maintaining the desired level of daily activity. What makes fitness trackers effective is their ability to constantly track your activity and workout patterns. Trackers today have calorie counters, heart rate and sleep monitors, GPS, and many other sensors. These features help you get a comprehensive outlook on your fitness and daily activity. So, if you have ever considered purchasing a tracker but weren’t sure about it, here are 5 reasons why a fitness […]

5 “Healthy” Foods You Should Avoid at all Costs

You walk into your favourite supermarket and add food products promising health benefits on their packaging in your cart. You pay the bill and feel proud that you didn’t buy that enormous soft drink bottle or the ice-cream you were craving for the other day. Firstly, congratulations on your conscious effort to leading a healthier life! Secondly, 90% of your grocery bag has items that aren’t as healthy as you think they are. When you embark upon your fitness journey, you want to eat healthier to stay fit. However, one mistake many of us make is not knowing how healthy the food we buy really is. Most processed food products that claim to be “low-fat” or “high-fibre” are unhealthy at […]

5 Essential Equipment To Reduce Belly Fat [Infographic]

Belly fat is the topmost concern for those trying to lose weight. It not only makes you conscious but is also dangerous as it can lead to heart disease. While exercising can surely help you reduce the stubborn belly fat, the myriad options of exercise equipment itself can make it a daunting task. To make it easier, here’s a list of fitness equipment that will help you achieve a flat stomach:

How to Never Miss Another Work Out Again

You probably watched an inspiring movie like Rocky last week and decided to utilize your underused gym membership. After a week of diligently working out, you find yourself saying: “There’s too much work pressure right now.” “I will definitely go for that run next week.” “I’m really tired today, I’ll make up for it at the gym tomorrow.” If that sounds familiar, you’ve succumbed to your old habits that are keeping you from reaching your fitness goals. The problem with motivation is that it isn’t too reliable. While it may be enough to get you started, it is self-discipline that keeps you going. You need the self-discipline to follow your workout routine and eat healthy day after day. So, how […]

5 Push-up Mistakes You Are Making (And How to Avoid Them)

Push-ups are one of the best and most effective exercises for strengthening and sculpting your chest, abs, triceps, shoulders, and torso. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, runner or cyclist, push-ups are great for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They are one of the most versatile and useful body weight exercises. Provided you do them right! Everyone knows what a push-up is and that they are good for you. Despite that, most people do them wrong. Push-ups are hard and your body tends to take the path of least resistance. However, this leads to bad form, which prevents you from fully utilizing the power of push-ups. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make and how you can fix them: […]

5 Incredible Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

Despite being available for years, rowing machines have recently gained immense popularity. A rowing machine is a machine designed to mimic the motions of a person while rowing a boat in water. Depending on the type, these machines use air, water or magnetic resistance mechanisms. Rowing is among the latest trends in the fitness industry. Fitness enthusiasts, beginners and veterans alike, are flocking to rowing machine at their gyms. Some have even invested in one for their home or joined group indoor rowing classes. So, why have so many people started using a rowing machine? Let’s find out! It’s a Total-body Workout Unlike dedicating separate days for cardio and strength training at the gym, a rowing machine does both at […]

How Much Exercise Should You Do to Lose Weight?

We all are aware that one should follow a balanced diet and an exercise regimen to lose weight. However, do you know how much exercise should you actually do to lose weight? The amount of exercise in fact, should depend on the reasons for working out and how quickly you want to lose it. There could be various reasons for losing weight –  health, appearance, or competition. Also, the amount of exercise should depend on your endurance levels or individual capacity, preferences, schedule, and facilities available. Exercising for Maximum Health Benefits It is said time and again that if you want to stay fit, healthy and look young, there’s no better way out than exercise. Performing daily workout can help […]

5 Tips to Make the Best of Your Treadmill Workout

Treadmills are great machines for shedding kilos and getting in shape. They are customizable as per your fitness level, eliminate any weather-related excuses, and reduce the stress on your joints. But, as with any other equipment, your results will depend on the efforts you put in. To maximize the performance of your treadmill workout, you need to make it more challenging. This way, you can push yourself to the limit and enhance your endurance, efficiency and overall fitness. Here are 5 treadmill workout tips you can use to get the maximum output from your treadmill: Always Warm Up Many people walk into a gym and use a treadmill for 5-10 minutes for warmup before lifting weights or doing other exercises. […]

5 of the Best Warm-Up Exercises Before Hitting the Gym

Warm up is one of the most important parts of any workout. You don’t rev your car’s engine on a cold winter morning without warming it up first, right? Similarly, you shouldn’t exert your body without a warm up either. You’d probably be thinking, “I barely have enough time to work out and you expect me to spend time on warming up?” But, whether you’re just starting out or a regular at the gym, EVERYONE needs a good warm up! When you’re inactive, your muscles are stiff, and the body temperature is low. This is the perfect recipe for sustaining an injury, which leads to missing workouts for weeks or even months. When you warm up, your body temperature increases […]

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