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FW 100 Treadmill

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FW 100 Treadmill


Technical Specification 
Motor Power 3 HP DC Motor Industrial Grade
Speed Range 01 to 14 Km/Hr
Speed Range Adjustable 0.1 Grade
Elevation 3 Manual Incline
Running Belt Area 38cm x 124cm
PVC Antistatic Belt ✓
Spring Flex Technology ✓
6 Pointed Elastic Cushion’s (Absorber) ✓
All-inclusive price: Free Shipping, Express Delivery, and Free-Installation.
Avaiability: in stock

Product Code:

Emergency Key ✓
12 Program With 8 Elastomers shock absorbing system
1 Manual set-up ✓
3 User Program ✓
B.M.I Program (Body Mass Index) ✓
Product Features
Display Feedback: Speed, Time, Distance, Pulse, Calories, Program’s & Incline
3” LED Screen Display ✓
Easy Operation with Speed Controller on Hand Rails ✓
Middle Handle Bars ✓
2.0Hi-Fispeakers with MP3 connnector ✓
Pulse Sensor located on Fixed Handle Bars ✓
Instant Speed Keys ✓
Instant Incline Keys ✓
Hydraulic folding System with Soft Drop ✓
Frame : Heavy-Gauge with Powder Coat Finish ✓
2 Bottle Holders ✓
Wheels For Easy Transportation ✓
Warranty Details 

The FW 100 Treadmill comes with a 1-year motor warranty


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