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FW Eazy Bike for Home and Gym

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FW Eazy Bike for Home and Gym

  • EAZY BIKE – Among various exercising equipment, exercise bikes are extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts. They are easy to operate and require minimum space to fit in. Exercise bikes will enhance the fitness levels of fitness aficionados
  • DISPLAY – As technology advances, more immersive (and impressive looking) LCD displays have become popular in the fitness industry. These allow the user to keep an eye on their workout
  • RESISTANCE – You can adjust the intensity of your workout through speed, resistance, and incline. Magnetic 8 level resistance systems often offer a greater variation in resistance programs, allowing the user to fine-tune their training if they wish to do so
  • SPECIFICATIONS – This machine provides a comfortable workout and is quite smooth in operation. Features an ergonomic design and comes with easy to adjust pedal. Handlebar – Fixed. Meter function – Scan/Time/Speed/Dist/Cal, NO HP
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