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Evo Home Gym

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Evo Home Gym

Technical Specifications

  • Seated Chest Press: YES
  • Lat Pull Down: YES
  • Triceps Extension: YES
  • Leg Extension: YES
  • Biceps: YES
  • Butterfly: YES
  • Mid Rowing: YES

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The Evo Home Gym Equipment is a complete and an ideal workout machine for people who want to work out in the comfort of their homes. Don’t go by the size of this machine! Though smaller in size, it will deliver big results!

This simple yet effective equipment targets all your body muscles.  It will help you develop strength even as you burn calories. Customize your workouts to gain a well-developed upper body.

The machine is constructed out of quality material with attention to the smallest details. The weights used in this equipment are among the best in the fitness industry. What’s more, the Evo Home Gym Equipment is economically priced!

Users can perform a variety of exercises such as chest press, lat pull-down, leg extension, butterfly, and triceps and biceps extension on this machine. Sculpt a great physique and tone your muscles by working on it for an hour thrice a week.


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