5 Incredible Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

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Despite being available for years, rowing machines have recently gained immense popularity. A rowing machine is a machine designed to mimic the motions of a person while rowing a boat in water. Depending on the type, these machines use air, water or magnetic resistance mechanisms.

Rowing is among the latest trends in the fitness industry. Fitness enthusiasts, beginners and veterans alike, are flocking to rowing machine at their gyms. Some have even invested in one for their home or joined group indoor rowing classes.

So, why have so many people started using a rowing machine? Let’s find out!

  1. It’s a Total-body Workout

Unlike dedicating separate days for cardio and strength training at the gym, a rowing machine does both at once! When you row, 83% of your muscles are utilized and strengthened in the process. A rowing workout engages different muscle groups during each cycle. First the legs, then the core and finally the upper body & back.

Repeated motions while rowing increases both muscular strength and endurance. Since you are constantly pushing and pulling against resistance, your muscles will develop and you will grow stronger.

  1. It Enhances Cardiovascular Fitness

Rowing tones and strengthens your muscles but, it is primarily a cardiovascular workout. Cardio is good for your overall health as it minimizes the chances of heart disease or stroke. As the heart rate and breath volume increase, your heart pumps more blood to the active muscles. As a result, your cells get more energy and nutrients while increasing your lung capacity and cardiovascular fitness.

  1. It’s Joint-friendly

Unlike exercises like running, rowing is a non-impact workout. So, if you suffer from ankle, hip, lower-back, or knee pain due to stressed joints, a rowing machine is perfect for you. A rowing machine can be used by people of all ages. But, it is especially preferred by middle-aged and older fitness enthusiasts since it is easier on the joints. However, maintaining a good form is essential to avoid injury.

  1. It Helps You Lose Weight

Rowing is a high intensity activity that increases heart function and uses carbs to sustain the workout. In the process, it burns a lot of calories. If you follow a diet and regularly use a rowing machine, your fat stores will be used and you’ll lose weight. A person weighing 165 pounds can lose up to 275 calories while rowing at moderate pace for 30 minutes.

  1. It’s a Great Stress Buster

Using a rowing machine is extremely convenient. If you prefer rowing at home, you can purchase a rowing machine. You can also listen to audiobooks or watch television while rowing. In addition, it boosts the production of endorphins, which is feel-good hormone. This helps you unwind and improves your mood while you’re getting in shape.

Rowing is an exceptional workout that boosts your fitness and strengthens your muscles. If you’ve never used a rowing machine before, ask for tips from the gym’s trainer. You can reach your fitness goals through rowing but, like any other exercise, start slow and increase the intensity as you go.