5 Essential Food Items That Should Be A Part Of Your Breakfast Routine

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Successive research over the years has shown how important breakfast is to keep us energized through the day. It’s ideal to enjoy a hearty breakfast comprising protein, carbohydrates and fiber – it keeps you charged to take on mental and physical challenges every day.

Featured in this article are 5 healthy and power-packed food items that should be an active of your breakfast menu. You can have these items alone or along with any other food. A major plus point these items offer is their affordability. You won’t have to shell out a fortune to enjoy them regularly!


Oats contains beta-glucan, omega-3 fatty acids and potassium. Beta-glucan helps the body to lower cholesterol.

A lot of Indians don’t find the taste of oats appealing. They prefer opting for something tastier as a breakfast option! But we hope you don’t have any concerns with oats – it’s time you made it an active part of your breakfast routine!


Add a banana to your cereal or have it alone. Filled with potassium and fiber, bananas will help lower blood pressure. They are also famous as tools that aid in proper and easy digestion.

Bananas can be enjoyed multiple times in a day – it helps to fight food craving in a big way! Bananas already contain natural sugar, which means it can satisfy your urge to have sugary items.


Eggs are a healthy source of Vitamin D and protein. Eat them often but limit intake of egg yolk if you are suffering from high cholesterol.

There are so many ways to enjoy eggs. Have them scrambled, boiled or as omelettes!


In India, yogurt is primarily eaten with rice. However, it helps to lose weight when eaten alone. It’s a good idea to enjoy a small cup of yogurt to start your day with a bang!

Visit any supermarket and you will find yogurts available in a variety of flavours, from strawberry and vanilla to mango and chocolate! Choose a flavour that suits your taste buds.


There so many brands offering a variety of cornflakes packed with nutrients. All of them feature different taste based on the brand and ingredients used. Experiment with a couple of cornflakes brands till you finalize on one or two delicious products.

We hope you find this list useful. Add these items to your diet and watch your body gain quality energy while fighting weight loss!

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