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Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair

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Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair


  • Automatically Detect Shoulder position and Micro Adjustment
  • 4-Rollers Massager Mechanism with of 6-23cm
  • Pro Design with 4 full body Auto Mode
  • Five Different Programs for Manual Modes -Kneading,Tapping,Dual
  • Function Waist Warm Heating.
  • Air Bags Pressing for Arm & Hand
  • Seat Vibration – Three Speed Optional Seat, Foot & Sole Air Bags
  • Pressing -Three Speed Potional
  • Full Body Auto Stretch Function
  • MP3 Music Function,Headphone Including
  • Zero Gravity Massager
  • Adjustable Auto Timer
  • Side Led Color illumination
  • Two Memory Mode

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This zero gravity deluxe massage chair is one of the best selling massage chairs that soothes tired and aching body. It features 4 full body auto mode functions and 5 different programs for manual modes. You could also customize the treatment with different seat vibration modes – three speed optional seat, foot & sole air bags.

The ergonomic padded design offers total coverage to the body while its zero gravity massager and air bags guarantee memorable results. To enjoy the pampering, simply set the auto time for 30 minutes. Its power rollers help relieve fatigue muscles, stimulate nerves and soften thick fat tissues. You could also enjoy music to enhance the massage experience. The chair can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It does not require any maintenance and occupies less floor space.

This reliable, sturdy zero gravity massage chair that exceeds customer expectation is available at Fitness World at cost-effective price.


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