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Weighted Training Gloves (Red)

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Weighted Training Gloves (Red)

  • PROTECTION – Gym gloves provide you protection from injuries, cuts, and bruises while working out. They minimize the friction between your skin and the heavyweight items which you lift
  • PERFECT – For everyone with no gender discrimination. Boys, Girls, Men, Women, Unisex everyone can wear and its stylish design will make you more graceful among all
  • ALL-PURPOSE GLOVES – Ideal for weight lifting, pull up, exercise, fitness, gym training, and general workouts, providing the safety and gripping necessity
  • COMFORTABLE – One of the major points in favor of workout gloves is that they can be a lot more comfortable than going barehanded. Yup, those weights can be cold, rough, and uninviting to wrap your hands around. Gloves help to solve this problem, effectively protecting your hands from the elements
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