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Vinyl Coated Dumbbells Coloured

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Vinyl Coated Dumbbells Coloured

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Does sweating too much make it difficult for you to grip metal dumbbells? If the answer is yes, then don’t worry, the vinyl coated dumbbells (colored) are here! The special vinyl coating resists sweat and is easy to clean.

Now tone and sculpt your shoulders and arms without the fear of loosening your grip on dumbbells. These dumbbells are made from solid cast iron and are water resistant as well. Buying dumbbells online at Fitness World is easy.

We offer a variety of vinyl coated colored dumbbells in a wide range of colors. These dumbbells are available in varying weights to meet every individual’s needs. Buy dumbbells online by placing your order with us. We will make sure that these dumbbells are delivered exactly where you want!

So, what are you waiting for? Get working towards a fitter and leaner you!


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