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T-bar Row Machine (PLTR)

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T-bar Row Machine (PLTR)


Mainframe: 12gauge 2 x 4x 2.5T (50 x 100 mm) oval tubing.

Painting: Electrostatically applied powder coated

Handgrips: High density foam grip

Dimensions(L×W×H): 194× 81 × 106cm/ 76” ×32” ×42”

Machine Weight: 127lbs(58kg)

Color(Y/N): Y(Black/Red

Welding: Continuous welds at all joints

Bearings: Industrially rated, sealed bearings at all pivot points.

Max. User Weight: 120kg

End Cap: High density molded plastic end caps

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  • The Steel flex PLTR T-bar row has Multi joint system allowing full range-of-motion in a natural biomechanical movement and Adjustable footplate allowed the user train under best position.
  • Ergonomic hand grip positions and angled foot rests for optimum comfort during workouts
  • Olympic Weight plate post fitted as standard
  • Unilateral arm action for balanced muscle development
  • Olympic weight plates not included


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