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  • High Frequency Vibration to reduce the Fat – 12 motors will work at the same time in high frequency and transform the fat into Aliphatic, glycerol, water and so on, and omit out of body through lymphatic system.
  • Slim & Exercise – Enshey Slimming Belt to keep you slim, reduce weight, exercise and relax, relieve muscle pain with heat and massage by enhancing the metabolism and improving blood circulation.
  • Strong magnetic Field and Infrared irradiation- With 25 magnets and 2 Infrared, forming a surround magnetic field, intense the vitality of the cells and improve microcirculation, as well as nourishing our skin.
  • Work On Multiple Areas of the Body – Put your belt on the area that you would like to focus the vibrating massage towards. This Massage belts can be worn on the thighs, hips, waist and other areas. There are many different mode settings. Adjust these settings to a mode that you find comfortable, and locate your nearest power source.
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