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Seated Calf Press Machine (PLSC)

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Seated Calf Press Machine (PLSC)


Mainframe: 12gauge 2 x 4x 2.5T (50 x 100 mm) oval tubing.

Painting: Electrostatically applied powder coated

Handgrips: High density foam grip.

Welding: Continuous welds at all joints

Bearings: Industrially rated, sealed bearings at all pivot points

Upholstery: CGPC 2”high density foam (ergonomic design).

Optional Color: Black、Red

Machine Weight: 96lbs(44kg)

Dimensions (L×W×H): 150× 97 × 100cm/ 59” ×38” ×39”

Capacity Weight: 500lbs/227kg

Weight Plate: Not include

Max. User Weight: 120kg

End Cap: High density molded plastic end caps.

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  • The Steel flex PLSC Seated Calf machine will focus your strength training on working your leg muscles directly in the calf area will complete your circuit of Steel flex Plate load Machines.
  • Sealed bearing pivot points
  • Adjustable press arms to fit all size users, with adjustable start positions
  • Converging press arm movement for advanced biomechanics
  • Independent, unilateral arm action for balanced muscle development
  • Designed for use only with Olympic weight plates
  • Olympic weight plates not include


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