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Lat Pulldown Machine


  • Impressively versatile, the Mega Power Lat Machine is a favourite for gym and club use.
  • Extraordinary capabilities set this machine apart.
  • For starters, you get an independent high pulley directly overhead for optimum back and shoulder isolation.
  • Hold-down pads stabilize you for lifts beyond your body weight.
  • Unique styling, space efficient design, exceptional performance and versatility make this Lat Machine a standout in any gym, club or institution.


Mainframe: 11 Heavy Gauge 1.968″ × 5.905″ (50 × 150 × 3T) Oval Tubing.

Frame Finish: Two-coat powder process, electrostatically applied powder coat finish, gray silver

Console: Automatic Electronic Coach (auto detecting, auto counting, calories, etc.)

Upholstery: high density foam

Handgrips: Dipped PVC Handle

Driving System: Flat Belt

Flat Belt: Tensile strength of more than 5027 lbs. (2280 kg)

Shroud: 4T delicate safety cover

Weight Stack: High-quality weight plates for smooth and durable operation

Standard Weight Stack: 215 lbs. / 97.5 kg (SWS-10 lbs. × 20 pcs + 15 lbs. top plate)

Optional Weights: 315 / 415 lbs.

Max User Weight: 264 lbs. / 120 kg

Product Weight: 601 lbs. / 273 kg

Dimensions: 160 × 111 × 218 cm / 63″ × 44″ × 86″

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