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Gym Ball (In Cm)

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Gym Ball (In Cm)

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The gym ball is a useful fitness accessory aimed at targeting and enhancing your abs, back, gluts, hips, arms and other muscles. This medicated Swiss ball comes included with a two-way hand pump. These balls are made of quality materials and will last long. What’s more, they are affordable and take up very less space.

Incorporate these gym balls in your routine workout to improve the effectiveness of core muscles, posture and balance. Buying a gym ball online from Fitness World is easy. Simply log onto our website and fill the “Enquire Now” form or call us on 1800 123 5711. Our marketing team will ensure that it is delivered to you right at your doorstep!

We hope you enjoy the Fitness World experience at the comfort of your home. We offer various other fitness equipment that help boost fitness levels! Browse through our various categories. We are sure you will find products that will best suit your needs and budget as well.

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