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PEC FLY / REAR DELT Machine 7616

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PEC FLY / REAR DELT Machine 7616


  • Product Weight: 215Kg
  • Weight Stack: 92Kg
  • Size (LxWxH): 1410×1380×1930 (mm)
  • Frame: The equipment use high quality steel tube. The door frame is D shape tube, the mainframe is120 x 50 flat elliptical tube, all the tube is 3mm thickness.
  • Cable: Imported oiled steel wire, can bear above 1500Kg.
  • Painting: Electrostatic powder coating double layer of high quality flash silver
  • Guide Rod: 45 steel, handled by high frequency, high hardness, high precision; can ensure the lubricity of the guide rod and ensure the user’s safety.
  • Adjustment: Adjust by gas spring, ensure the best exercise demand.

Bearing: Turning parts use DGBB.

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