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Fitness World Salvino Elliptical

Technical Specifications

  • Drive System : Magnetic
  • Fly Wheel : 6 Kg
  • Resistance Level : 10 Levels
  • Resistance Type : Manual-Magnetic

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  • 1 Manual : YES
  • Targeting Program : Time, Distance, Calories
  • B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) Program : YES
  • Recovery Program  : YES

Product Features

  • Display Feedback : Speed, Time, Distance, Pulse and Calories
  • 1 Big LCD Window  : YES
  • RPM (Rotation Per Minute) : YES
  • Broad Foot Pedals for extra comfort  : YES
  • Touch Heart Rate Sensors on Middle Handle Bars  : YES
  • Heavy quality of Handle Grips : YES
  • High Glossy Finish on Body  : YES
  • Reset Option  : YES
  • Floor Leveller  : YES
  • Wheels for Easy Transportation : YES
  • Frame: Heavy-Gauge with Powder Coat Finish : YES

The Fitness World Salvino Cross Trainer is a perfect option for those who want to develop a good physique in the comfort of their home. A cross trainer provides a good cardio workout. It will aid you burn up to 200 calories in an average span of 30 minutes. Of course, this is just an estimated calculation. The actual count depends a lot on your work-out intensity.

Improve your posture by working out on the abdominals and lower back. A leaner waistline will automatically decrease the symptoms of lower back pain. What’s more, working out regularly on this machine will help strengthen your core muscles.

The trainer offers a total body workout for exercisers of any age and fitness levels. As you continue to work out on the cross trainer, you will experience a boost in your stamina.

So, get a Cross Trainer for your Home, reach your fitness goals and enjoy your workouts!


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