Upgrade Your Gym with The EVO Series Equipment

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Whether you’re planning to start a new gym or revamp an old one, choosing the right equipment can be a difficult task. If you want to cater to variousgroups of gym enthusiasts, your gym should be equipped with different types of equipment. To reach the full potential of your commercial gym invest in a series of equipment that is versatile and heavy-duty.

The Fitness World’s EVO series has built quite the reputation for itself over the last year. It was introduced as an affordable series including both, advanced and common pieces of equipment.

It has a wide range of equipment with multiple types of weight benches, weight machines, cable machine, free weight racks, etc. It has been successfully installed in approximately 300 gyms.

The series is gaining popularity amongst commercial and home gym buyers for its robust quality and versatility.

The different kinds of EVO series equipment every commercial gym requires are:

1. Free Weight Benches

Weight benches provide safety and stability while doing weight training. Avoiding their use can lead to serious injuries. By the nature of them, weight benches are versatile. They can be used to execute various exercises smoothly and creatively.

EVO’s high-quality weight benches are designed to be high-pressure bearable, adjustable and comfortable at the same time. They have increased durability and therefore last longer.


The types of benches in the EVO series are:

  • Flat benches
  • Multi-Adjustable bench
  • Utility bench
  • Crunch bench
  • Incline & Decline bench
  • Olympic Flat bench

2. Weight Machines

Due to the popularity of high-intensityprogrammes, most gyms now need to have weight machines. An added benefit of having them in your gym is the modern look they provide to the gym.

Weight machines can improve your member’s technique and build their strength by working on specific muscles. They are great for people who are new to weight training or restarting it after a break.

The several weight machines in the EVO series focusing on various muscle groups are,

  • Leg Machines: Leg Curl & Seated Leg Curl, Leg Curl/Extension & Leg Press and Vertical Knee Raise Machine.
  • Torso machines: Chest Press Machine, Pec Fly Machine, Pec Fly-Rear Delt Machine,Abdominal Machine, Torso Rotation, Lat Pull Down.
  • Arm machines: Triceps Curl, Biceps Curl.
  • Hip machines: Multi-Hip, Hip Adductor and Hip Abductor machines.

Other machines are Assit Dip Chin, Low Row and Glute machine.

3. Free Weight Racks

Free weight racks serve a dual purpose in commercial gyms. One of the biggest issues with free weights is its need for more physical space. Free Weight Racks efficiently organize them in your gym while saving floor space. Using racks also allows easy and safe access to the various kinds of free weights and therefore, reduces the risk involved.

Free weight racks in the EVO series are:

  • Dumbbell Rack
  • Barbell Rack

4. Cable Crossover Machine

Cable machines are capable of working on any muscle group in the human body. They can be used by professionals and newcomers. It challenges the core strength with its definite motions.

The EVO series includes one of the most versatile cable machines a commercial gym must have, the Cable Crossover Machine.

When buying commercial gym equipment, quality matters. The EVO series at Fitness World, is designed to fulfil a variety of commercial gym needs. It is the best line of equipment available in the market at an affordable price range. Please contact us to learn more.