Training with Fitness Accessories at Home

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You have a tight work schedule and can’t keep up with attendance at the nearby gym. And now you have made up your mind to quit gym training. But that doesn’t mean you stop your workout routine. You can still engage your muscles to gain well-toned body by working out using fitness accessories at home!

Here are 8 fitness accessories that you can use for challenging workouts at home. Have a look:

1) Stability ball:

Stability ball is for those who want to get a total body exercise. Since, sitting or lying on this ball is a tough task, you’ll find it difficult to maintain your balance. This in turn benefits the core muscles. Working out on this ball strengthens your spine and back muscles as well. You could also do pushups with this ball to take your fitness level to the next level.

2) Kettlebell:

Now this accessory is not for the faint hearted! As the user moves this spherical shaped kettlebell in varying motion, the shift in the force of gravity provides a great cardio and strength training to the exerciser. It helps tone your overall body.

3) Kickboxing trainer:

Kickboxing offers excellent cardiovascular exercise and helps lose body fat. Add into that jump rope drill and you could easily burn 750 calories per hour! What’s more, kickboxing releases endorphin hormone that kicks away stress, boosts your mood and make you feel more refreshed and confident.

4) Latex tube:

A great alternative to workout machines, latex tubes challenges your core muscles. They are cost effective and come in varying resistance levels. What’s more, you could do just any type of workouts such as triceps extensions, bicep curls, rows, shoulder presses, chest presses and squats with these tubes.

5) Jump Aerobic Step:

Performing aerobic exercises on the Jump aerobic step helps shape thighs, build strength, develop coordination and improve flexibility. To make workouts more challenging, you can increase the height of the step and perform step-ups.

6) S- Push Up Bar:

Develop upper body strength and build pectoral and triceps muscles with S-Push Up Bar. It allows for a greater range of motion and offers a deeper stretch to the muscles. Since the equipment is lightweight and compact, you can easily carry it in a bag when travelling to get a good workout anywhere.

7) Acupressure Figure Twister:

Now this is an effective equipment that works on your abdominal muscles melting away those love handles and the belly fat. The acupressure points focus on the reflex points on the soles and induces pressure on them. This improves blood circulation and massages the feet.

8) Dumbbells:

Dumbbells are weight training equipment that work on main muscles and stabilizing muscles. One can perform different exercises with dumbbells such as bicep curl, triceps extension and kick back for a full-body fitness. However, maintaining a proper form is essential when working out with dumbbells as you could risk getting injured.

There is no easy way to lose weight and stay fit. But these Fitness World accessories coupled with your grit and determination will help you achieve your desired fitness goals!