How to Train for Your First Marathon!

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Participating in a marathon, then be it – 40 km, 20 km or 10 km is a quite a task for any newbie! However, with proper training and perseverance, you can go the distance and cross the finish line.  Explained here are a few things, you need to keep in mind when training for a marathon.

Visit your doctor first

If you have a family history of heart-diseases, high blood pressure, cholesterol, or any other illnesses, take your doctor’s advice before training for a marathon. Run a few miles to see if your body can take it. Stop running at once if you experience heavy breathing or any chest pain.

Preparing your body

It is essential to train your body many weeks or months in advance for running long distances. The more time you take to prepare, the better you will perform. Buy a good pair of running or sports shoes. Your shoes should be comfortable enough to bear your body weight. Consider running short distances first on a daily basis as it will help set things in motion. Gradually increase the distance to a length you are comfortable with.

Perform strength training exercises

Try performing exercises such as Planks, Back Extensions, Squats, Overhead Lunges, and Shoulder Press. You can perform three sessions (30-minutes) of these exercises per week.  Strength training exercises will not only help prevent an injury but will also build your endurance levels, making you an efficient runner.

Eat right

Eating healthy is another way for preparing yourself for a marathon. Chart out your diet plan. Include carbohydrates and protein in your daily diet. Carbohydrates will give you the required energy while protein will help repair and build your muscles.

Also, when you are running, your body tends to dehydrate. Do not gulp down water the moment you feel thirsty as it will make you feel full, making it difficult for you to run. Instead, sip water from time to time. This will help keep yourself hydrated and will go easy on your stomach as well.

Participating in the first marathon is fun and offers a huge learning experience! So, use these tips, pace yourself and focus on finishing the marathon rather than beating the clock!