Simple Ways to Maintain Your Treadmill

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When setting up a commercial gym, a treadmill is the most basic fitness equipment to invest in.  For beginners who are embarking on their fitness journey, treadmills are the best exercise machines because they are easy to use and put less stress on the body than most types of workouts. Simple gym equipment maintenance goes a long way to keep your treadmill running well for years to come. Here is how you can maintain your treadmill

Daily Treadmill Maintenance:

Check off these daily treadmill maintenance tasks







  • Wipe down

Walking or running on the treadmill means working up sweat, making it even more important to wipe the machine after a workout. Once moisture begins to build on the machine, it will be followed by bacterial and fungal growth and promote rusting of its metal parts.

  • Look for Developing Problems

Pay more attention to the treadmill with every use. If problems of the machine running rough or something is rubbing or scraping arise, discontinue use until you determine the problem. Ignoring these issues will only make shorten the treadmills life span.

Weekly Treadmill Maintenance:

Each week, perform these simple maintenance checks

Check the walking belt and deck: Check the walking belt and deck and look for signs of wear. Also, ensure that the walking belt is relatively centered and straight. The walking belt does not need to be aligned but make sure it is not scraping or rubbing on anything on the sides.

Make it a habit to vacuum the area around the machine and underneath if possible. In commercial gyms the treadmill is in use regularly, therefore dust and debris are bound to accumulate at the rear of the machine. Most of it is from the soles of the user’s shoes while the other is from the walking belt. Such things are perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about.

Monthly Treadmill Maintenance:

Every month, check the frame nuts and bolts to make sure they are tightened and the uprights attaching the console to the frame are secure as well. On regular usage, it could vibrate loose.

Yearly Treadmill Maintenance:

Once a year, the following maintenance tasks are recommended

Do a thorough vacuum inside the motor compartment and underneath the machine. Be sure to turn off and unplug the machine first before removing the motor cover to vacuum. Be extra careful with the fragile electrical components; make sure you move the vacuum nozzle without touching those parts.

Depending on the frequency of its usage and the type of lubricant used, it may need to be lubed more often. Lubricate once yearly at a minimum. Depending on the frequency, amount of use and the type of lubricant used it may need to be lubed more often.