Food Journaling: An emerging fitness trend

Food journaling is a popular trend these days. It is all about jotting down what you eat in a day. Whether you want to lose weight, identify causes of allergies or maintain a healthy lifestyle, keeping a food journal will help you change dietary habits.  It is recommended by fitness experts all across the globe.

Recently, actress Sonam Kapoor’s personal fitness trainer Radhika Karle shared a picture on Instagram of what the Bollywood star’s diet usually consists of. The post clearly illustrated how she prefers to eat something fresh and healthy. Food journaling helps in keeping track of the food you eat, portion sizes and the times you eat in a day.  It improves your eating habits by monitoring the calorie intake.

Food journaling also helps in planning balanced meals and discovering your body’s response to specific food. Suppose if you feel bloated after drinking milk, then you are lactose intolerant. If you have a chronic disease like diabetes or hypertension, make food recording a daily activity. It will help you plan your diet accordingly.

Maintaining a food journal can change your life. Make sure to write what you feel before and after writing a meal.  At the same time, review what you had at the end of a day to ensure your body is getting right nutrients.

Updating the journal whenever you eat or drink something is not so easy. Nowadays there are several apps that make your job easier. Few examples are Calorific, My Fitness Pal, Lose It, My food diary, My net diary and My plate. These apps will allow you take pictures before and after the meal making the journaling process easier and faster.

A food journal is one form of culinary confession where you are always aware what you eat. This practice will motivate you to attain your fitness goals. So starting writing today to lead a healthy lifestyle!