Fitness World – The Factory Direct Selling of Products

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Fitness World – The Factory Direct Selling of Products

Fitness enthusiast, gym owners, and corporate businesses who choose Fitness World are buying equipment directly from its factory outlet. Which means you have saved a lot of money!

Here’s how you’ve saved your money.

The main advantage of buying directly from our factory is that you will have access to wholesale prices that are accompanied by a user-friendly extended warranty. For decades, Fitness World has been associated with selling quality fitness products that follow the highest safety standards. Treadmills such as the Nexcus and Dora have been manufactured according to international specifications set for the design and production of motorised treadmills.

Through direct selling, we avoid intermediaries associated with the supply chain. This allows us to offer the best prices that will fall within your budget. Since we are direct selling these products, we are able to control the whole sales cycle in-house, from production to the final sale. This provides us with swift feedback directly from customers, allowing us to further fine-tune our products to match their complex fitness requirements.

We are also able to build stronger customer relationships through direct selling. Our representatives will be able to use a customised and individual approach with each client, ensuring a win-win situation for all.

Here is a glimpse of our Nexcus and Dora treadmills manufactured at our factory and safely being packaged to reach its delivered location.
Apart from direct factory selling, Fitness World sells a wide range of commercial fitness equipment, including the highly-popular Body Solid fitness products. Whether its fitness equipment for home use or gym equipment, we have you covered!

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