Fit Indian Movement: A Giant Step Towards a Healthy India

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You must have heard that fitness plays a huge role when it comes to leading an active and healthy lifestyle. But what does it mean to be fit? It means being physically and mentally fit. Both can be achieved by working out regularly as it is known to eliminate stress and prevent health problems. While most of us are aware of this, fitness still isn’t a priority in most of our lives.

In an effort to highlight the importance of fitness and lead our country towards a healthy future, PM Narendra Modi recently launched the Fit India Movement. The movement is aimed at motivating people to include physical activity and sports in their daily lives. To drive the movement forward, a committee headed by sports minister Kiren Rijju, members from the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), and fitness promoters have been formed.

Why the Need for
Fit India Movement?

While many Indians want to lead a healthy lifestyle, long work hours, an unhealthy diet and a lack of motivation make it difficult for them to do so. According to research conducted on adults, 54% of Indians are physically inactive and only 10% engage in recreational physical activity. Another research revealed the lack of time as the reason for 31% of people not exercising. What’s more, 5.5 crore people suffer from cardiovascular diseases, 7.2 crores from diabetes, 8 crores from hypertension and 13.5 crores from obesity. With such alarming figures, it is clear that a campaign like Fit India Movement is a need of the hour.



It is vital to know that the future of our nation depends on being physically and mentally fit. Addressing the masses at the launch of the event, the prime minister made an important note of how diseases are caused due to our lifestyle. He also pointed out how the emergence of technology has reduced physical activity and that every family must sit together and debate about fitness.

With multiple cases of diabetes and hypertension on the rise, the solution to save our lives and ensure the health of our nation is simple. It is to make fitness a priority. Any form of regular physical activity is a step in the right direction. However, for people who are serious about fitness, a great place to start would be to make use of fitness equipment. Not only do they make working out more fun, but they also help achieve results faster.

The prime minister ended the speech by highlighting that success and fitness are closely related. This couldn’t be truer. A daily exercise regime not only results in a healthy and happy life but also contributes exponentially to the productivity of an individual. Imagine the progress we could make as a nation if we put this thought to practice!