Few Facts Hoteliers Should Consider While Offering Fitness Facilities to Guests

Gone are the days when free breakfast and Wi-Fi were the only perks expected from hotels. Now most travellers prefer to stick to their fitness routines even while on the go. Several surveys depict that by providing the right fitness facilities to customers, hotels can generate more business.

A hotel owner should keep certain facts in mind while offering fitness facilities for guests, which are discussed below:

Provide Adequate Space for workouts

When it comes to hotel gym design, lack of space is a common problem encountered by hoteliers. The hotel gym should have adequate space for guests to undergo high-intensity training and heavy lifting workouts.

Offer a variety of workouts

Your hotel gym should contain equipment that can ensure a wide variety of workout to guests. Instead of sticking to treadmills and ellipticals, think about investing in a functional trainer or multi-station. When you offer something different from the competitors, the popularity of your place will also increase.

Offer weights

Keep barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells in your hotel gym so people who wish to perform bodyweight training can easily access them.

Round the clock fitness

It is necessary to keep your fitness facility open 24×7. A guest should be able to hit the gym at any point of time.


If hygiene is not maintained in your hotel gym, it will leave a negative impression on the guests. Make sure to wipe and sanitize the fitness equipment regularly. Also, launder gym towels separately.

Equipment maintenance

Equipment maintenance is also a matter of prime concern. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended routine maintenance and make sure to repair any malfunctioning equipment as soon as possible.


The hotel gym should be located within the walking distance of your guests’ rooms for easy access and saving time.

A workout can help one to relax and unwind after a long, tiring day. Therefore, having a good gym in the hotel is equally important like having a quality room or restaurant. It will not only help in winning the hearts of fitness-conscious guests but also help your hotel to stand out in the hospitality industry.