Amazing Deals At Fitness World For Christmas and New Year 2016!

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Everybody looks forward to the new year with renewed hope that it will be better than the one that passed by. It’s the right time for introspection and most people will try to rectify mistakes committed in the past year. That’s why we see many people making resolutions for the New Year.

Resolutions are made for a variety of reasons, foremost among them being the pursuit of weight loss. Unfortunately, a majority of resolution takers find it difficult to keep them for more than two weeks.

They need motivation to ensure they continue to pursue their resolutions through the year. This motivation can be found through the two offers highlighted in this article.

At Fitness World, we are offering amazing deals to motivate and help you enjoy a fitness-focused year in 2016. The offers for Christmas and New Year 2016 are as follows:

1. Exchange your old fitness equipment for a spanking new one!


Fitness Equipment Exchange Offer
We realized that a lot of our potential customers have invested in fitness equipment over the last couple of years. They weren’t sure about going for newer equipment, primarily because of the financial investment already made while acquiring older ones.

At Fitness World, our endeavour has always been to ensure our innovative equipment is accessible to all fitness enthusiasts. As part of our Christmas and New Year deals, we invite individuals to exchange their old equipment for brand-new ones belonging to the world’s finest brands: Body Solid, Water Rower and Steel Flex.

This exchange offer will help gym and home owners get rid of old stock while gaining technologically advanced equipment to pursue their fitness dreams. For more information visit

2. Flat 50% off on all equipment


Christmas New year offer on fitness equipment
Don’t have equipment to exchange? Don’t worry – opt for our flat 50% holiday season offer on all domestic fitness equipment. The steep discount will help potential fitness enthusiasts pursue their weight loss goals in earnest. What’s more, you are assured of a surprise gift with every purchase! For more information visit

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