8 Simple Yet Effective Exercises You Can Perform With Weight Plates

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One sure-fire way to get rid of those pesky kilos is using weight plates. It is a weight lifting accessory that adds more resistance to dumbbells, barbells and plate-loaded weight machines. There are many varieties of weight plates available but the most popular ones are made of cast iron. Round or octagonal-shaped plates have a central hole to fit a barbell.

Weight plates alone are capable of delivering fitness results and you don’t always need a barbell to get the results you seek. The best part is that you do not need a spacious room to exercise with weight plates. You can perform exercises with weight plates wherever you are, whether it’s the office, home or gym. Did you get confused with ‘office’ mentioned in the previous sentence? Well, weight plates are easy to carry around and can help you carry out quick and easy exercises close to your work desk without disturbing others!

Here are some exercises that you can perform with weight plates:

1. Push-ups: Increase the difficulty level of push-ups by placing the weight plate on your back. The emphasis is on the core of your body – as you lower your chest and push your body upwards, you will be able to carry out excellent workouts.

2. Shoulder raise: Hold the plate in front like a steering wheel, with your shoulders down. Lift it up to the top and bring it down slowly close to the chest. This helps to strengthen your arms and shoulders.

3. Halo: Move the weight plate around your head in one direction, like a halo. Switch the direction after 30 seconds. This activity targets the shoulders.

4. Overhead squat: Hold the plate overhead and squat to 90 degrees. Keep your arms straight. Push back and repeat the squat.

5. Square reach: Hold the plate in front, near to the chest and do a squat move. Push the plate in front. Repeat this step. This helps improve your metabolism.

6. Thruster: Hold the plate overhead while standing. Now squat to 90 degrees and bring the plate in front of your chest.

7. Reverse lunge: This one will be heavy on your legs. Hold the plate by the chest and lunge back with the right leg while twisting the upper body to the left. Repeat at least 4 times.

8. Chest Squeeze Press: Squeeze two plates across your chest and between your hands. The shoulders should be kept down. Extend the elbows as much as you can, with the plate moving away from the body in chest height. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

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