6 Fitness Myths That One Should Ignore

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There are several myths surrounding fitness, which can mislead a person. Are you a person who is hitting the gym hard but not yielding desired results? There are chances that you have fallen victim to false advice. Here are 5 fitness myths that one should ignore:

1. Eat less to lose weight
One should not starve for losing weight. The body’s fat burning cycle will boost when a person eats nutritious food in reasonable proportions.

2. Extra protein builds more muscles
Eating extra protein does not help in building your muscle mass and strength. It can be stored as fat and harm your body instead.

3. Walking won’t help you lose weight
Walking can boost your metabolism and helps in losing weight. If a person walks five times a week without fail, he or she can see a noticeable difference in weight within a month.

4. You can reduce fat in one area
Many people try hard to lose fat from a specific part of their body. Working out can reduce the overall body fat, however, you cannot control where you lose fat.

5. It is better to work out on an empty stomach
A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition stated that body burns more fat when one hits the gym on an empty stomach. An empty stomach triggers many hormonal changes in the body that helps in building muscles and burning fat.

6. The more you sweat, the better your workout
Some people have a tendency to sweat more while they work out. Intensity is the main factor that measures the effectiveness of a workout, not sweat.

We hope this article gives you a clear idea of all misconceptions associated with fitness. Stay away from them to lead a healthy life.