6 Expert Tips to Consider When Setting Up Your Own Gym or Fitness Facility!

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For those who are passionate about fitness and have been in the fitness industry for a while now, exploring the possibility of opening a gym would be the next obvious thing on your mind. However, as with any other business venture, operating a successful gym requires careful planning.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know to make your enterprise a success:

1. Target audience

If you are planning to cater to all segments of the population, then opening a gym in an area with little competition can work well. However, if you want to open a gym where the competition is intense, then consider catering to the untapped market. For instance, you can start a gym geared towards ladies or open a cross-fit gym to help athletes attain the highest level of physical fitness.

2. Accessible Location

When you are opening a gym, make sure to open it in a location accessible to the target audience. Most people aren’t willing to travel more than 10 minutes to the gym because they don’t have the time or lack motivation. The gym should also offer a free and well-lit parking. It should be large enough to accommodate workout equipment and a lounge to allow members to move freely.

3. Quality trainers/instructors

Hire qualified trainers who can handle all aspects of your gym. They should be personable, knowledgeable and motivate people to reach their fitness goals.  Trainers should be courteous, friendly, and continually keep apprised themselves of new techniques and strategies coming up in the fitness domain.

4. Mix of equipment

You need to tailor your gym according to the clients that will frequent it. A general rule is to get equipment based on the amount of space you allot for strength, cardio, and group exercises. Around 47% of training space should ideally be allocated for strength equipment, 33% for cardio machines and 20% for group exercises. Treadmills, stationary bicycles, steppers, ellipticals, free weights and weight machines are must-have equipment you need to have in your gym.

5. Marketing matters

Effective marketing is crucial to separate your gym from competitors. Offer free or low-cost memberships for a limited time to entice prospective customers. Visit local offices and hand out corporate gym memberships to attract new members to your gym. Post videos related to fitness trends and workouts on social media pages to get people interested in your gym.

6. Gym Set-up services

Setting up a gym is daunting process. Right from 3D layouts of gym, training markings on the floor, best business etc. you will have to take care of every aspect when setting up a gym.  It would be worthwhile to get in touch with brands that offer gym set-up services. We at fitness World have an expert team that offer complete gym design, 3D layout along with best business practices, state-of-the-art fitness machines, equipment maintenance training and more to help you build an energizing and safe commercial fitness facility.