5 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Water More Often

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Look around and you see most people carrying a bottle of water when they travel to the gym or office. It’s impossible to live without water – there is no doubt about that! But there is a need to understand that we need significant quantities of water to ensure our body functions in optimal conditions. This article looks at 5 reasons why you need to drink water on a regular basis every day.

1. Water helps to ensure a proper balance of bodily fluids

The human body comprises 70% of water. It is used to perform body functions that help to lead our everyday lives. Water aids in digestion, blood circulation and maintaining ideal body temperature, among other functions.

Remember this – a thirsty person will not be able to focus on a task unless his thirst is quenched! So keep drinking to ensure your body helps you achieve your daily goals!

2. Water helps fight weight loss

Not many people are aware about water’s capabilities as a weight loss agent. The fact is that water helps you restrict calorie intake. This is achieved by consuming water in place of sugary and aerated drinks. Water is low on calories but filling enough to fight your craving for more food.

3. Water gives you beautiful skin

Skin is mainly made of water. A thirsty person will notice his/her skin turning dry with several wrinkles showing up. Keep yourself hydrated every day and watch your skin radiate a youthful glow!

4. Water prevents constipation

Constipation is a scary condition that prevents your body from excreting waste. One proven solution against this condition is water. Drink lots of it to ensure your body remains stable to ensure better excretion of waste.

5. Water improves kidney functions

Blood urea nitrogen is a dangerous toxin present in our body. Our kidneys ensure it is excreted during passage of urine. Inadequate water means lesser frequency of urine. This spells trouble because the kidney retains this deadly toxin in the body. You will notice a yellow color in your urine. And kidney stones begin to develop. It is a total unnecessary condition to be involved with.

We hope you consume water more often, wherever you are. Make it a habit to carry a bottle of water when you travel. It’ll help you stay hydrated through the day! Get in touch with us if you have any fitness queries.