5 Interesting Ways to Diversify Your Treadmill Workout

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Treadmill workouts are great to get your heart pumping and your muscles working. But they require a lot of motivation to stay consistent with it as they can get monotonous pretty quick. To prevent boredom and improve physical fitness you need to add variations to cardio workouts.

If you’ve outgrown your cardio routine and are searching for new ways to make your workout sessions on the treadmill fun and interesting, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to discover four diverse treadmill workouts you can implement right away!

1. Incorporate High Interval Training

A great way to stay focused whilst on the treadmill is through interval training. Studies have shown that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) helps achieve greater results than distance runs of the same duration. You can inculcate multiple styles of working out and switch between running, jogging, and walking along at different paces. We recommend reaching out to a personal trainer for creating a personalized plan.

2. Use Personal Training Apps

With technology being at the forefront, we can leverage it to make workouts interesting. There is a wide variety of personal training apps available on the online market. These apps are built to coach and help you stay consistent with your workouts. What’s more, most of these apps are free and will provide you the benefit of having a personal trainer, minus the cost.

3. Workout with a Friend

Working out with a friend is one of the most effective ways to keep you accountable, help you stay focused and make you work harder on your cardio goals. Including a buddy to run alongside on the treadmill will not only bring in an element of friendly competition but will also provide moral support when you need it. Having social interactions, being able to laugh, encourage, and motivate is key in making treadmill workouts much more enjoyable.

4. Add free weights

Another great way to diversify workouts is to add some free weights. Start with simple exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep extensions. Make sure that your body is warmed up before you incorporate weights. In addition, carry out the workouts at a moderate pace to ensure proper balance. You can also incorporate weight vests to increase your strength.

5. Curate a high-energy playlist

Creating a high energy playlist is a great way to make your treadmill workout more interesting. Not only does it relieve boredom it can also help lift your overall mood and increase motivation. Studies have shown how the tempo of music can improve one’s performance. By matching your music tempo to your running speed you can enjoy your workout and get more out of your treadmill experience.

Treadmills continue to remain one of the most widely used fitness equipment in homes and commercial gyms but often treadmill workouts are thought as boring. If you choose to inculcate the above-mentioned tips to your treadmill workouts, your overall fitness will skyrocket with the added benefit of having fun and staying consistent.