5 Common Yet Less Discussed Reasons You Are Gaining Weight

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Unexpected weight gain is an undesirable phenomenon. The question on everybody’s mind is this – “Why am I gaining weight when I am eating right?”

The answer to this question is provided in the 5 reasons mentioned below:

1. Your body is bombarded with medication

Medication can help your body fight diseases but most of them come with side-effects. One undesirable side effect is weight gain. Ask your doctor about the side effects associated with medication prescribed to you. Ask him to suggest alternate medication if required.

2. Your body is retaining water

Water retention takes place when you are having medication or suffering from an unknown ailment (a serious or non-serious health condition). It isn’t a bad idea to visit a doctor if you notice unexpected weight gain. He may be able to diagnose an underlying health condition you are unaware about. For example, hormonal imbalances lead to significant weight gain.

3. Your body isn’t getting enough sleep

It’s important to note that the human body needs a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night. Without adequate sleep, your body begins to retain fat instead of using it as energy. The resultant weight gain will be evident after a week.

4. You don’t realize you are eating more than required

It’s important to keep a thorough check on the meals you consume through the day. You may be piling in more calories than you think. Drink sufficient water before a meal to ensure you don’t eat too much.

5. You quit smoking recently

Smokers have a difficult time quitting and when they finally do, they gain weight. Weight gain after quitting is a well-documented phenomenon. Be extra careful and engage in physical activity after you quit smoking.

I hope these reasons shed light on why unexpected weight gain happens often. Perform regular physical activities to ensure your body remains healthy for years. Get in touch with us if you need accessories in your fitness pursuits.