4 Types of Exercise Bikes for Your Commercial Gym

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One of the most versatile cardio machine an exercise bike is a stationary bike that features a peddle, saddle, and handlebars. It is a vital piece of fitness equipment for your gym and will provide an excellent lower body workout for your clients. What’s more, it will not utilize a lot of space in your gym due to its compact size and is extremely simple to operate. This article will help you gain a brief understanding of the four types of exercise bikes that are available in the market and the functionalities they offer.

1) Upright Bikes

Upright bikes are a great piece of fitness equipment for aerobic exercise. The seat supports your weight while the pedals are aligned under the user’s feet. These bikes help working out the lower body, the core, and upper body muscles. Due to their ergonomic design, the likelihood of injuries is greatly reduced. To use them, you must keep your body upright, hold the handlebars and start pedaling.

They have a minimalistic design and will not occupy a lot of space in your gym. They come with different levels of resistance programs inbuilt in them. Certain advanced and high-quality bikes come with an LCD display that can track your calories, speed, and distance.

2) Recumbent Bikes


6R Recumbent Bike

One of the visual traits of a recumbent bike is that it offers a reclining design. The bike resembles a chair that you can lean back on comfortably. You will also notice that the pedals are in the front of your feet instead of below. The handlebars are on the side and allow for better support. It’s designed in a way to provide comfortable workout and to operate smoothly.

They provide low-impact cardio workouts, provide good support to your back and engage a few muscle groups. They are great for people who are recovering from surgery, who have joint issues such as arthritis. It is also perfect for women recovering from post-childbirth. These bikes come with preset programs, display feedback, and sensors that monitor your heart rate.

3) Spin Bikes

X-1 Spinning Bike

Spin bikes resemble a cycle and offer the same level of intensity you would get from cycling outdoors. To use it you need to bend further as the handlebars are further from the seat. You can also sit upright and workout without holding the handlebars. They are extremely simple to operate and engage more muscle groups. They are great when it comes to burning more calories and enhancing your stamina. What’s more, these bikes can be used by both beginners and experts with complete ease.

4) Air Bikes

The final category of bike is the air bike. Visually they are similar to an upright bike, but they have a unique design and functionality. They use wind resistance to function, which means the harder you pedal, the more resistance you will face. They have movable arms and enable for upper and lower body workouts.

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