4 Things to Know Before Buying a Commercial Gym Floor

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Having the best fitness equipment to improve the performance of your members is one aspect of running a successful gym. The other vital aspect is having excellent gym flooring. Why you may ask? Not having proper flooring can lead to slips and injuries. It can also damage your equipment as many people tend to drop their equipment on the floor after an intense workout. What’s more, it offers your gym a clean polished look and ensures your gym is aesthetically pleasing. Let us look at four things you need to know before opting for gym flooring for your commercial business.

1) Material
There are two popular types of flooring used in most commercial gyms.

  1. Rubber Flooring – They are tough, can withstand high foot traffic and heavyweight impacts. Furthermore, they prevent slippage, offer stability and provide excellent cushioning to the equipment. It’s important that these are laid professionally as they will often have to be fastened to the floor.
  1. PVC Flooring – They are long-lasting and easy to maintain. In addition, they are mold, mildew, chemical, and moisture resistant. They also provide excellent force reduction and are perfect for activities like Zumba and aerobic exercises.

2) Thickness
Gym flooring is available in multiple thickness options. The thicker the flooring the tougher and stronger it’ll be to absorb impacts from heavy workouts. Keep in mind, the thickness of the flooring depends on its area of application. Below is a rough indication of the thickness you should opt for depending on the different spaces of your commercial gym.

  • Weightlifting space: 40mm
  • Rack space: 40mm
  • Cross training space: 15mm
  • Rig space: 25mm
  • Barbell/Dumbell space: 15mm
  • Weightlifting space: 40mm
  • Cross training: 25mm
  • Functional training: 10mm
  • Cardio space: 6-12mm
  • Aerobic or Yoga space: 3mm

Based on the space you can opt for rubber flooring for heavy duty workouts and PVC flooring for lightweight and aerobic workouts.

 3) Visual Impact

You need to make sure that your potential customers and members feel comfortable every time they walk into the gym. Attractive flooring can make your gym look vibrant and welcoming. What’s more, they can help you create a strong first impression and ensure that your members feel good while working out. Opt for stunning colors that contribute to the mindset of working out and blend with your gym’s logo and theme.

4) Noise & Vibration Reduction
If your gym is located in residential or commercial areas, you should consider purchasing noise and vibration reducing flooring. Moreover, heavyweights and energetic workout routines can also produce loud noises and can distract people that are working out. Opt for durable rubber tiles. They are tough and can easily absorb noise and vibration that come from outside or inside your gym.

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