Ankesh Shahra - Globoil Global Young Entrepreneur

Ankesh Shahra was bestowed with the Globoil “Global Young Entrepreneur” for his efforts in setting up a global plantation business, as well as bringing Indian products to global markets. He was presented this award by Member of Parliament and legal luminary,Mr Ram Jethmalani.

Ankesh Shahra Recieving award from Ram Jethmalani

While accepting the award, Ankesh expressed concern about the gap in food security in India. He said that Indian farmers are especially sensitive to climate change, since their operating margins are much lower than other farmers. Therefore, it is important for them to look at the most effective technological means to improve their productivity, whilst maintaining the level of quality that consumers increasingly desire. The longer they depend on expensive inputs, the more vulnerable they will be to the vagaries of Mother Nature.

It was with this thought that Hi-Rich seeds was conceptualized and developed by Ankesh Shahra. It is learnt that the Company has spent considerable amount of time on the research and development to provide farmers with seeds that are more drought and disease resistant, so that they can survive even if the climate is not favorable. This will enable the farmer to meet its ongoing debt obligations, and ensure surplus income to be able to provide for their families. Finally, it will benefit the country as a whole, since the overall production will increase.

Recently the steps taken by the Indian Government are also very promising. They recognize the importance of oilseed cultivation in India and have increased the import duties on vegetable oils the highest levels seen historically. They have also incentives exports of Oil-Meals, and this will help push the industry, which in turn will benefit the farmers.

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