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Improve Your Bone Health with These 4 Exercises

Just like your muscles, your bones are living tissues which grow stronger with regular exercise. People who are regular with their workouts attain a higher peak bone mass as compared to those who don’t. The bone mass has an ability to peak until your 30’s, after which you start losing the bone tissue. Once you have crossed your 20s, regular exercise becomes important to help you in the prevention of […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health with Your Body

It is well-known that working out increases your physical strength. But, how many of you plan your workout sessions with the aim to improve your mental health? Exercise not only reduces your anxiety, it also helps you think in a clearer way and increases your self-esteem. By working out regularly, you will see a positive change in your mental health, which will eventually affect your social life as well. The […]

The Importance of Warming Up Your Body Before Working Out

When you plan your workout, you think about what exercise you will be doing more than the warm-up before it. Let us see how you can gain maximum benefit from your workout by simply including a warm-up prior to it. A warm-up is an extremely important factor before your fitness training. It helps you in a number of ways as listed below: 1) For Your Heart: The correct warm-up carries […]

3 Ways to a Perfect Detox for Your Body

Most of the people associate a detox with deprivation or even worse. Detox makes you think about hunger, kale juices, weird foods and many such things. This kind of detox gives us brain fog, headache, fatigue, or gas. Sometimes, people end up with many serious problems like autoimmune diseases, migraines, acne, irritable bowel, reflux, arthritis or worse than that. We may end up feeling better, but is it really worth […]

5 Physiologist-Confirmed Signs to Identify An Excellent Workout

The signs you may think to convey a certain workout done well are not always such great indicators. If we talk about sweat, the amount of fluid you lose while working out is incredibly subjective. Since your body adjusts according to the workload, soreness isn’t a great method of knowing the efficacy of a workout either. And the same goes for the urge to empty that cold bottle of water. Below is […]

6 Changes Your Body Goes Through Once You Start Working Out

As you may already know, exercise is beneficial regardless of the age at which you start working out. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Exercise is the best gift you can give yourself”. But, have you ever wondered the reason behind those words? Regular exercise is known to enhance bodily functions and prevent many illnesses, including heart diseases. While much has been said about the benefits of exercising, the changes your […]

6 Benefits of Listening To Music While Working Out

Listening to music while working out is not a new concept. Quite often at gyms, you come across people with headphones plugged in or music coming out from the speakers. Listed below are 6 benefits of listening to music while working out: Music offers the right kind of distraction Working out with music can make participants less aware of their exertion. It will also boost their performance by up to […]

Few Diet and Fitness Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy During Ramadan

The holy month of ‘Ramadan’ is here and it is that time of the year when millions of Muslims across the globe perform dawn-to-dusk fasting. This religious practice can improve one’s health if done in the proper manner. Follow these diet and fitness tips to stay fit and healthy during this holy month: ·         Start your fast on a healthy note Suhoor is the first meal that one needs to […]

7 Yoga Asanas to Start Your Day Perfect

People from all walks of life are now embracing Yoga after realizing its importance. The term Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj”, which means ‘to join’, or ‘unite’. It has the power to balance your body, mind, and soul. Setting apart some time every day for performing Yoga can help you replenish your energy level and stay productive throughout the day. Listed below are 7 Yoga Asana recommendations […]

5 Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat!

From exercising daily to eating right, you are doing whatever it takes to get rid of that extra pounds but you can’t see the noticeable difference! This stilted progress results in unfinished New Year Resolutions and disappointed gym clients. Though weight loss is the most common goal, it’s no easy task to achieve. However, instead of throwing in the towel, it’s time you start troubleshooting and get back in the […]

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