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5 Gym Machines Every Woman Should Use

We can understand that everything about the machines and heavy equipment at the gym can look intimidating. But these machines along with cardio can provide resistance training which is necessary for women who wish to achieve their optimal shape. Many women avoid lifting weights or using machines due to the fear of bulking. However, this is a misconception.Since women have 10-30 times lower testosterone than men, instead of bulking, strength […]

Fit Indian Movement: A Giant Step Towards a Healthy India

You must have heard that fitness plays a huge role when it comes to leading an active and healthy lifestyle. But what does it mean to be fit? It means being physically and mentally fit. Both can be achieved by working out regularly as it is known to eliminate stress and prevent health problems. While most of us are aware of this, fitness still isn’t a priority in most of […]

Importance of Strength Training for Women

What’s a terrific exercise regime for women that will help build strong bones, enhance stamina, prevent health issues and reduce weight? The answer lies in strength training. If you are someone who has tried dieting or aerobic exercises and has not achieved the desired results yet, then its time you give strength training a shot. Let us first begin by understanding what strength training is. What is Strength Training? Strength […]

CrossFit Vs Functional Training

If you’re looking for a fun way to work on your strength, and take your workout to the next level, add CrossFit or Functional Training to your routine. They are types of strength training that include intense workouts with timed intervals. Functional Training and CrossFit are both gaining popularity among the fitness community due to their versatility and quick results. They have also been the subject of debate as to […]

Top 4 Picks of Fitness Equipment for Older Adults

Physical health tends to decline with age, and this is especially true for older adults who are in their 50’s and 60’s. The importance of regular exercise as one gets older cannot be stressed upon enough. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Heart Association (AHA), regular physical activity such as aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity is essential for healthy aging. Staying physically active is the […]

How an Exercise Bike can Boost the Health of Your Members

The aim of this blog to help commercial gym owners gain a brief understanding of how an exercise bike can improve the health of members. Known as the most versatile machine in a gym, a stationary exercise bike features a peddle, saddle, and handlebars. What’s more, its compact size will ensure that it does not utilize a lot of space in your gym. Let us look at some health benefits […]

Upgrade Your Gym with The EVO Series Equipment

Whether you’re planning to start a new gym or revamp an old one, choosing the right equipment can be a difficult task. If you want to cater to variousgroups of gym enthusiasts, your gym should be equipped with different types of equipment. To reach the full potential of your commercial gym invest in a series of equipment that is versatile and heavy-duty. The Fitness World’s EVO series has built quite […]

Top 3 Advantages of Purchasing a Multi-Station for Your Gym

  Multi-station gym equipment is a single gym machine that enables a user to perform multiple exercises on the same machine. The gym equipment is available in two forms: a single user and a multi-user multi-station gym machine. A single user multi-station allows only one user at a time to workout on the machine, whereas a multi-user multi-station gym machine permits more than one user to perform multiple exercises at […]

5 Reasons Why Your Gym Needs a Commercial Fitness Vibrator

A commercial fitness vibrator is a part of a ‘passive exercise’ regime because it allows the user to workout without doing any active exercise. A whole-body vibration can help to burn fats, lose extra weight, build muscle strength and increase flexibility of the body. The commercial vibration exercise machine allows the user to stand on the vibrating platform with the help of the handles that are attached to it, one […]

Simple Ways to Lead a Healthy Life (Infographic) – Fitness World

Running Advice: Begin your run a little slower. Using a light pace at the beginning primes you for a great finishing kick. Warning: Hard surfaces – the impact of running on hard surfaces are likely to cause injuries including shin pain and stress fractures. Cycling Advice: The equal power distribution between each leg is important. Ensure you aim for 50 percent of power production from each leg. Warning: A common […]

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