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6 Benefits of Listening To Music While Working Out

Listening to music while working out is not a new concept. Quite often at gyms, you come across people with headphones plugged in or music coming out from the speakers. Listed below are 6 benefits of listening to music while working out: Music offers the right kind of distraction Working out with music can make participants less aware of their exertion. It will also boost their performance by up to […]

5 Benefits of Hiring A Personal Fitness Trainer

Are you planning to take a serious step towards improving your health and fitness? If so, one of the first questions that might come to your mind is whether to hire a personal fitness trainer or not. Working one-on-one with a personal trainer has several benefits, some of which are discussed below: 1. Personalized workout A certified personal fitness trainer can create a customized workout plan for you. He knows […]

What to Do When You Hit a Fitness Plateau!

So, it’s been two months or more that you joined the gym. The initial results were just fabulous, you lost a couple of inches, look toned, and started working out with the same zest to lose some more weight. But alas! Despite increasing the workout intensity, you are not seeing any more progress…you are not able to reach your weight-loss goal. What does it mean? It means that you have […]

Four Pilates Moves for Strong Core and Lean Legs!

What do Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Varun Dhawan, Sonam Kapoor and most other Bollywood actors have in common? They all do Pilates. Anyone who has been practicing Pilates regularly knows what benefits these exercises have to offer for mind and body! When practiced regularly, Pilates make you more strong, fit, and active!  What’s more, it help improve posture alignment and strengthen the core. If you don’t have time to sign […]

5 Bad Habits You Should Get Rid of For Better Health!

The saying “Habits die hard” is not without a reason! We human beings create habits and then just follow them without thinking – whether they are good or bad for us. Certain habits do make us more productive but what about those negative habits – that prove detrimental for our health! In this blog, we have tried to list out five habits that can hurt your health if you don’t […]

What Is the Best Time to Work Out?

If you often find yourself wondering whether working out in the morning would be beneficial or in the evening, then you are not alone! Fitness enthusiasts, researchers and those who have started working out recently have been trying to figure out the optimal time for working out.   This blog takes a look at pros and cons of working out at different times of the day. Read on: Morning Workouts:  Pros: […]

5 Incredible Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

Despite being available for years, rowing machines have recently gained immense popularity. A rowing machine is a machine designed to mimic the motions of a person while rowing a boat in water. Depending on the type, these machines use air, water or magnetic resistance mechanisms. Rowing is among the latest trends in the fitness industry. Fitness enthusiasts, beginners and veterans alike, are flocking to rowing machine at their gyms. Some […]

8 Ways To Get Fit By Valentine’s Day

Everyone wants to look their best on Valentine’s day. But what if you can’t fit into that favorite outfit to sweep your beloved’s feet? Have no fear. With just a few more days ahead, it’s time to ramp up your fitness routine so that you can easily fit into that dress. Here we’ve compiled 8 effective ways to make it happen. Wake up and run    There’s no gain without […]

6 Easy Exercises You Can Do While Sitting at Work

Have you ever given a thought about how long do you sit on a daily basis? If not, then it needs to be given a serious consideration especially if you are sitting long hours at work. The latest fact stated by AMA (The American Medical Association) elucidates that – ‘Sitting for an extended period of time is bad for your health’. It can impact your metabolism system. The production of […]

5 Bollywood Movies That Will Inspire You to Work Out and Get Fit!

Bollywood movies have always rendered a great impact on the minds of people in India and across the world. While some movies have unrealistic storylines and showcase excessive glamor, there are some that inspire us and teach us a lesson, which we can implement in our real life. And, since at Fitness World we always emphasize the significance of fitness in our blog, this time around we decided to enlist […]

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