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Difference Between A Chest Press Machine and A Bench Press Machine

Most of us often get confused between a chest press and a bench press machine. Both the equipment target your pectoral muscles, however, that does not mean they are the same.  ‘Bench Press’ is a term that is often referred to exercises that are normally done on a flat or an incline bench. Chest press exercises are performed in a seated position. Apart from that these equipment have several other differences, which are discussed below: Degree of difficulty The degree of difficulty is less on a chest press machine as the path of movement of hands is already set by the machine. Whereas a bench press machine requires extra effort to balance the bar and support the weight. Safety While […]

Top 7 Amazing Features of a Commercial Elliptical Machine

If you are a person who is looking for a low impact yet high-intensity cardio workouts, an elliptical trainer is the perfect choice of equipment for you! The best part of this workout machine is that it is less stressful on your knees, hips, and back compared to a treadmill. Check out the amazing features of this equipment below: Improves your cardiovascular health Your pulse rate revs up more in an elliptical machine than a treadmill. It is a great equipment for cardiovascular conditioning and better heart health. Has a comfortable operation As your feet never leave the pedals, you don’t have to tolerate the pounding impact of each footfall, unlike a treadmill. The equipment movement is comfortable on the […]

Top 5 Benefits of the Recumbent Bike

When it comes to exercise bikes for home, there are two major types: the upright bike and the recumbent bike. While both are excellent for your cardiovascular health, there are some differences between the two – especially when it comes to how they are set up. In an upright exercise bike, you sit with your legs below you. Whereas, in a recumbent exercise bike, you sit lower to the ground with your feet in front. While both of these exercise bikes have their benefits, this post will cover the benefits of the recumbent bike. 1.     Builds Cardiovascular Health Recumbent bike workouts offer some of the most amazing aerobic and cardiovascular benefits. In fact, an hour of high-intensity session on a […]

6 Factors to Consider Before Buying Commercial Gym Equipment

With the availability of so many fitness equipment in the market, buying the right commercial equipment can be a daunting task! Since buying commercial gym machines involves a major investment on your part, you need to take into account number of things. What are those? The fitness equipment experts at Fitness World have put together 6 factors, which you can consider before purchasing commercial gym equipment: 1. Asses your space Before purchasing a fitness equipment, you need to find out exactly how much space will it occupy. If you stuff numerous fitness machines in a small space, it will not only affect the aesthetic appeal of your gym but will also make it difficult for users to get on the […]

5 Surprising Fitness Benefits of Power Vibration Machines

If you’ve seen someone using a whole-body vibration machine at your gym, you must have thought to yourself, “how can sitting or standing in one place possibly contribute to my fitness?” If that sounds like you, chances are you’ve never used a power vibrator – and it’s completely understandable why. In traditional exercises, moving around or lifting something heavy is considered productive for your body. That’s why using a whole-body vibration machine may seem absurd. However, spending even as little as 15 minutes on these machines can have a positive effect on your blood flow, balance, and muscle strength. Here are some of the benefits of using a whole-body vibration machine: 1. Stronger and Toned Muscles Any vibration machine will […]

LIA Recumbent Bike – Making Workouts Effective and Comfortable!

Developing and maintaining an active and fit body is now easier than ever before with the LIA Recumbent Bike! Be it enhancing cardiovascular endurance, increasing muscle and lower back strength or toning overall body, this exercise bike offers it all to the rider without putting any strain on his or her knees and joints. Right from rehabilitation training to some hard core athletic training, this recumbent bike with the 8 levels of resistance provides a customized workout experience to users of all levels. The contemporary design with the clear controls allows users to consistently challenge and push themselves to the next level. LIA Recumbent Bike Is Here for The Long Haul The LIA recumbent bike from Fitness World features a […]

Why the Stella Motorized Treadmill Is the Best Equipment for Your Home Gym?

Walking has been credited with improving the body’s lower muscles, reducing weight and lower back pain while keeping you away from the threat of heart diseases. Running on a treadmill gives you a more consistent cardio workout than running outdoors. What’s more, a treadmill is your reliable training buddy – Put your favorite TV show on, and get on the treadmill, and before you know it, you would have had 30 minutes or an hour of solid cardio workout! And when it comes to buying a quality treadmill that fits your goals, budget and lifestyle, Fitness World’s Stella Motorized Treadmill is the best choice! Featuring a generous range of incline options – 0% to 15% (16 Levels), this treadmill lets […]

Why Fitness World- CrossFit [FW-7518] is Perfect for Your Gym?

CrossFit machines have been riding high on popularity for the past few years now. This popularity has been spurred by the fact that these machines offer an entire body workout that cannot be matched by other means. What’s more, a typical CrossFit turns a section of your fitness facility into a multi-purpose, customizable functional area. A CrossFit offers the best aspects of functional movements like – running, rowing, weight lifting, gymnastics and more.  They provide maximum workout to the body in the shortest time raising your metabolism by ample amounts leading to dramatic gains in fitness. So, if you have been looking to outfit your gym with a Crossfit, Fitness World- Crossfit [FW-7518] would be the perfect pick for your […]

Why Spin Bike Workouts are all the Cardio You’ll Ever Need

Indoor cycling is one of the most versatile workouts that exist. It is an energetic cardio exercise routine without the high impact associated with running. Spin bikes deliver incredible health results including increased lung capacity, endurance, and heart health. They also burn a lot of calories while strengthening your core. Over time, you will see a significant reduction in your body fat and BMI while developing highly toned hamstrings, calves, glutes, and quads! If you need any more convincing, here are some reasons why indoor cycling is all the cardio you’ll ever need: 1.      Heavy Calorie Burn If you’re looking for a workout to shed the extra kilos, then a spin bike is one of the best machines for you. […]

Get A Quick and Effective Total Body Workout with The Fitness World Salvino Elliptical!

Elliptical Cross Trainer is a probably the most sought-after fitness equipment in any gym. It is termed as the powerhouse among the cardio equipment as it works on a large amount of muscles. An elliptical trainer is designed to move the way you move and accelerate weight loss! So, if you are thinking of getting an elliptical trainer to work out at the comfort of your home, you should go ahead and buy it. Not just because it allows for total body workout but also for the reason that it provides effective cardiovascular and strength training workouts. Before buying an elliptical trainer, you should consider its – ramp height, resistance levels, stride speed, foot pedals and your budget. But now […]

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