Difference Between A Chest Press Machine and A Bench Press Machine

Difference Between A Chest Press Machine and A Bench Press Machine

Most of us often get confused between a chest press and a bench press machine. Both the equipment target your pectoral muscles, however, that does not mean they are the same.  ‘Bench Press’ is a term that is often referred to exercises that are normally done on a flat or an incline bench. Chest press exercises are performed in a seated position. Apart from that these equipment have several other differences, which are discussed below: Degree of difficulty The degree of difficulty is less on a chest press machine as the path of movement of hands is already set by the machine. Whereas a bench press machine requires extra effort to balance the bar and support the weight. Safety While […]

5 Diet Myths That Are Actually Misleading You

Maintaining a healthy diet is a key consideration when it comes to weight loss. However, certain misconceptions about diet habits prevail in our hearts which are doing more harm than good. Here we have summed up 5 diet myths that are actually misleading you: Say ‘No to desserts Several research studies have proven that avoiding desserts altogether can lead to overeating and ends up making you fat. There is no point in saying ‘No’ to desserts totally; one can have it occasionally for a change of taste. Try to opt for healthy desserts such as a low-fat yoghurt, Sheera, or Doodhi Halwa. Fasting can help you lose weight Though fasting helps one lose weight faster, it can lead to muscle […]

Top 7 Amazing Features of a Commercial Elliptical Machine

If you are a person who is looking for a low impact yet high-intensity cardio workouts, an elliptical trainer is the perfect choice of equipment for you! The best part of this workout machine is that it is less stressful on your knees, hips, and back compared to a treadmill. Check out the amazing features of this equipment below: Improves your cardiovascular health Your pulse rate revs up more in an elliptical machine than a treadmill. It is a great equipment for cardiovascular conditioning and better heart health. Has a comfortable operation As your feet never leave the pedals, you don’t have to tolerate the pounding impact of each footfall, unlike a treadmill. The equipment movement is comfortable on the […]

Top 5 Benefits of the Recumbent Bike

When it comes to exercise bikes for home, there are two major types: the upright bike and the recumbent bike. While both are excellent for your cardiovascular health, there are some differences between the two – especially when it comes to how they are set up. In an upright exercise bike, you sit with your legs below you. Whereas, in a recumbent exercise bike, you sit lower to the ground with your feet in front. While both of these exercise bikes have their benefits, this post will cover the benefits of the recumbent bike. 1.     Builds Cardiovascular Health Recumbent bike workouts offer some of the most amazing aerobic and cardiovascular benefits. In fact, an hour of high-intensity session on a […]

7 Bad Gym Habits That Can Cause Damage To Your Skin!

Going to the gym is a good habit to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, did you ever know that certain bad gym habits can impact your skin health?  Mentioned below are 7 bad habits that can cause damage to your skin: Wearing makeup to the gym Make sure to remove all traces of makeup before heading to the gym. Makeup and sweat can cause clogging of the skin pores that lead to breakouts. Touching your face Avoid touching your face often while performing workouts. There is a greater chance of bacterial build-up in the machines as they are used by numerous people. Make sure to wear sweatbands or use a towel for tackling your sweat. Keeping your hair down Never […]

Top 5 Mistakes New Gym Owners Often Make

When fitness is your passion, running your own gym may seem like a piece of cake. However, as with other business, being a gym owner comes with its own set of challenges. If you’re new to the industry and it’s your first gig at being a gym owner, you’ll soon realize it’s not the cakewalk you first thought it was. While I don’t mean to discourage new gym owners, it is important to take the right steps if you want your gym to be successful. While it’s only natural to make some mistakes along the way, but some mistakes can potentially be fatal to your new business. That’s why we have listed some of the most common mistakes that gym […]

Guidelines for the Maintenance of Commercial Gym Equipment!

A commercial gym equipment is an expensive business asset that your members are going to rely upon for a long time. Just like how a vehicle requires periodic servicing, a fitness equipment also needs regular attention. Let’s have a look at the following guidelines that will help you in the maintenance of commercial gym equipment: When you buy fitness equipment from renowned manufacturers, they might cost you a bit more. However, you can be assured of getting best quality gym machines that are durable and come with a warranty which reduces the cost of repair and replacement in the long run. Always stick to the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. Make sure that all the essential documents are easily available to the […]

Checklist for Starting a Gym Business in India

According to a research report by Smergers, the Indian fitness industry is worth Rs. 4,500 crores with an annual growth rate of 16-18%.  With this rising fitness trend, it would be worthwhile to say that setting up a commercial gym is a promising opportunity for people with an entrepreneurial mindset. Here is a checklist that will help you in starting a gym business in India: 1.Registration of the gym It is compulsory to register your gym as a Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership. By choosing any of these options, you can transfer all the shares or sell off the gym, if in case you are not able to operate it smoothly. Initially, a provisional registration certificate will […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Gym Business

The sedentary lifestyle is taking a toll on everyone’s health and obesity is spreading like an epidemic. As a result, people are becoming more conscious about their expanding waistlines and fitness. This has led to  a growing demand for gyms and fitness centres across the country. Starting a gym venture at this time can prove to be profitable. What’s more, if you provide quality services, you would be able to attract more members. Here are 4 more reasons why you should start your own gym business. 1. Willingness to invest in fitness Fitness has become a top priority for an increasing number of people. They are convinced about the benefits of working out in the gym and how it can […]

6 Legit Excuses to Skip A Workout

Exercising is good for your physical and mental wellbeing. However, it’s natural for most of you to sometimes not jump into the physical activity. But how do you know whether it’s okay to do that or you’re just being too lazy? Never feel guilty to skip a workout when you have these legit reasons mentioned below: 1. When you are injured If you have an injury, putting more strain on your body is not advisable. Take a break from your workout routine so you can get back to the gym with a bang. It is better to miss a work out rather than not able to do it. 2. When you are sick There is a general saying that if […]

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